Weekend Recap

I hope you weekend was relaxing and enjoyable! Mine was pretty relaxing, and chilly! I'm still getting used to the colder weather. Will we have an "Indian summer?" That's yet to be determined!

My church had a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. Think of it as a trial run to the big day. It was nice to fellowship with our church family outside of Sunday. Mom and I spend the morning in the kitchen. I made a chocolate fudge cake, and my mom made sweet potato casserole. Then, I made my Brunch Egg Casserole for Sunday's breakfast. I think both are going to be on the menu for Christmas! (I like to practice my recipes for Christmas early, get all the kinks worked out for a smooth baking come Christmas!

Sunday I went to church and afterwards, I practiced with the ladies for our Christmas Cantata. This was our first Sunday without using the backing tracks, and I think we did pretty good. It can only go up from here right? Please keep our ladies in your prayers for us to have…

Friday Favorites

It is Friday, we are in the swing of the Holiday season, and the weather is turning chilly. Now is the time to put the iced coffees away, and tap into the hot drinks.

This weekend is a busy one. There are a few craft shows my mom and I want to hit up on Saturday, and then that night is our church's Thanksgiving dinner. We signed up to make food, I'm making a dessert, and she's making sweet potatoes. I don't know why I always sign up to bake something-I usually don't have the patience to bake. It is so precise. Cooking is more my cup of tea, I can throw a little of this and a little of that in and be set. Haha!

I love this time of year. I love the traditions, the food, the family time, all of it! Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's stick with this Friday's Favorites!

My first favorite was seeing this sweet deer outside of my chiropractor's office. Maybe she wanted to get an adjustment too!

Next was getting to vote! It is a right that I don't…

Food for Thought

With the election being held today, I want to share with you something that I wrote that has been on my heart. 
I want to title this "What I wish America knew," because I think some of us have forgotten. We have forgot what a privilege and honor it is to live in this country. 
Ask any military member or veteran, who have seen horrible things overseas which country they would rather live in. I bet 99% of them say the USA. If you want to protest, or burn our flag, you have the right to do so. You're protected bY the constitution. Doing so doesn't solve anything, but you have a right to do it. If you don’t like our President, that’s ok! The office still needs to be respected though. 

If our country is so bad, why are countless people coming across our borders either legally or illegally to get to our country? Imagine protesting an elected official in a foreign country. There is a good chance you would get mamed or killed because you had a voice. America is great, has alway…

What I'm Reading!

I wanted to share my reading list with you all today! I have such a wide range of titles to read, but I seriously can’t wait to dive on in! The book on top is what I am currently reading. I love Karen Kingsbury books, and I have fallen in love with the Baxter family. There is another set of books based on the one character in the Above the Line series that I am reading, so I am going to have to add about 5 more books to my list. Haha! The next three are a new author for me, but it takes place in the low country of South Carolina that I love so much. The one takes place in Pawleys Island, and the other two take place in Charleston. I would love to move to the Carolinas one day, so these will hold me off until that day. I plan to start The Christmas Pearl on December 1. The Max Lucado book is one that I am excited to read. I love his writing style, and his devotionals and other books, so I am excited to read this work of his that is Christian based, but not of a “motivational” book. Th…

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Hallelujah! Is anyone on Halloween candy overload? We never get trick or treaters, so we don’t have a need to buy any candy. Here are a few of my favorites for the week!
My hairdresser is a saint and magician. She didn’t have any power, so my dad and I both got our haircuts via flashlights and lanterns. This is my hair air dried, in the darkness. It  finished drying on the way home.   Also, how is it November already?! Seriously! Not going to lie though, I’m loving the Hallmark Christmas movies already!!

Another favorite are Karen Kingsbury books. I have the Above the Line series, and I have fallen in love with the Baxter family. I took this picture to keep in my phone for reference when I go shopping so I know what books I need to get to keep reading. However my “to read” list is quite long, but I will read them all eventually. I mean, reading is way better than spending time on our phones and iPads right?!  I think this weekend my mom and I are going to head to a craft s…

Weekend Recap-Birthday Edition

I usually don’t do anything worth blogging about on the weekend, but this weekend was an exception! My mom’s side of the family all got together and celebrated my Grandma’s 93rd birthday! You guys, she is so spunky for her age, completely has all of her marbles, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. She just recently gave up the crown for being the Queen of her nursing home, but she will always be the queen of our family! She is also on the food committee for her nursing home, and they had better watch out because girlfriend has got OPINIONS on the food.

We kept it really simple, and had pizza and salad. Everyone brought their own drinks and chips, and we had a party! The birthday gal requested white cake with chocolate icing, so Sam’s Club created that cake for us!

She had a great day, and it was nice to see all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins who I don’t see all that often.

Back Again

Hey All! I had a super busy weekend, and didn’t get to write a post for today! Sorry! I will be back again on Wednesday! Enjoy this little funny Lady Gaga meme in the meantime. 🤣