Thursday, July 31, 2014

Michael's Haul

The Michael's store by my house is huge. I however, never make it past the front door. Why? The $1 section. I almost always pick up a few things from the dollar bins. It sucks me in. I can't help it! This time, I could have spent easily $20. I didn't and had great restraint. Haha! Here are a few of the tings I did buy!

Blank Notecards: I have been all about monograms lately. So when I saw these with the letter "M" and that they were pink, I had to have it! These come in a package of 6. I also think that little handwritten notes are becoming a thing of the past, and it is always nice to receive a little note in the mail!

Red Container: I later found out that this is magnetic! You can hang it on your fridge if you want! I haven't quite decided how I wanted to use this yet, but I will think of something!

Washi Tape: I have heard the buzz surrounding washi tape, and saw some and picked it up. I loved the red with the polka dots, and the chevron pink is too cute! Stick around to see how I used this!

I will definitely be stopping in Michael's more often to check out the dollar section. You get more for your money if everything is a dollar right?!

Do you buy from the dollar bins at Michael's? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you

*I purchased everything with my own money, and Michael's has no clue who I am. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! It is time for another installment of what I wore! As usual, I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy! Here are some of my outfits for the past few days!

I went out to dinner with my parents at a local restaurant and it was super hot outside. So I wore this simple outfit.

Shorts and Shirt: JC Penney

*I promise I wear shoes! I just take these after I have taken my shoes off, or before I am getting ready to leave. Haha!

It has felt like November for the past few days. Mother Nature needs to get with the program. It's July for Heaven's sakes! So I needed something warm to wear.

Shirt: JC Penney
Cardigan: It was a gift, I'm not sure where it is from.

Capris: Marshalls

What have you worn lately? I'd love to see! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser Review

I have facial scrub review for you today! I received this sample in my Birchbox and I was instantly intrigued. The Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser is such a unique product.

This cleanser smells amazing. It smells very much like lemon Pledge. (Call me crazy, but this is what I smell!) When you scoop it out of the jar it is grainy, but as you rub it on your face, the sugar dissolves and becomes this beautiful foaming face wash.

I love how this feels on my face. I feel like because this cleanser is foaming and exfoliating at the same time I can eliminate a step off my skincare regime. When I am done using this, I feel like my face is clean, and not dry like some scrubs can make me.

It has not caused me any breakouts, which is great!

If you are interested in this cleanser, you can purchase it from Birchbox!

Have you tried this cleanser? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment and let me know!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Chloe and Isabel Pop Up!

Two posts in one day! Are you shocked?! I just wanted to let you know that my pop up shop for Chloe and Isabel jewelry is still going on! The jewelry is beautiful, there are some fun pieces and classic pieces to choose from!

Every purchase counts towards this blog getting a partnership with Chloe and Isabel! We can do this! Let's get shopping!

Oh, and did I mention that Christmas will be here sooner than you think? It will.

Here is the link to the group!

Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara Review

I have watched QVC enough to know who Mally Roncal is. She is the creator of Mally products (duh!) and such a sweet, fun positive woman! So when I received a full size sample of her Volumizing mascara in my Birchbox I was pumped!

This mascara is the real deal! It is amazing! Mally used to go through several steps to achieve these lashes on her celebrity clients, so she formulated this mascara to do all of those steps in one! When I tried this out the first day, I could not stop staring at my lashes! My curl stayed in place, which never happens with my regular mascara! My lashes were black, and were not spidery at all! (You know what I'm talking about, your lashes clump together and it looks like you have 3 lashes!) It also looked like the volume of my lashes increased, and that I was wearing falsies! This mascara also does not make your lashes hard or crunchy, which I love.

The brush for this mascara is so soft! It coats every lash, and gets right to the root to give you as much volume as possible. If you stand by Mally's motto "2 coats on top and 1 on the bottom," your lashes will look thick and beautiful.

This mascara is available on Mally's website, QVC, or Ulta. My aunt buys the 6 tubes on QVC, she's set on mascara for a while! Haha!

I will SO be repurchasing this mascara!

Have you tried Mally's products? If so, what is your favorite product of hers? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Some exciting news on the blog front: I was chosen as one of five bloggers to partner with Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry company based in New York City. Currently, I'm hosting an online pop up where you can browse, and purchase some of the BEAUTIFUL jewelry! You can click on this link, and it will take you to my party page! 

Friday, July 25, 2014


It is a gorgeous Friday in PA today! I'm linking up with Lauren, as usual! Here is what I loved about this week!

1. My mom and I made zucchini rollatini. I cannot wait to dig in and eat them!

2. Is anyone else in a Bachelorette pool with their friends and family? I am! I had Chris S. (LOVE him!)

3. You should definitely head on over to my Chloe and Isabel pop up! There are some fun things going on over there! One of my friends just won $25 off her purchase! What?!

4. Posts are being planned for the upcoming months! I can't wait to share them with you!

5. I'm heading out to get my workout in!

What did you love about this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exciting Opportunity! I need your help!

Some exciting news on the blog front: I was chosen as one of five bloggers to partner with Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry company based in New York City. Their jewelry is gorgeous, it is hand made, and they offer a LIFETIME guarantee on their pieces! 

Currently, I'm hosting an online pop up where you can browse, and purchase some of the BEAUTIFUL jewelry! You can click on this link, and it will take you to my party page! 

I need YOU to head over to my party page, like and comment because there will be raffles!

I want to be able to review these pieces for YOU! So head on over!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

It's another edition of What I Wore Wednesday! I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today! Here are some of my outfits from the past few days!

It got a little chilly in PA, so I needed a little longer sleeve. I wish I would have taken a picture of the back of this shirt because it has buttons going down the back! So, so cute!

Shirt: Macy's
Capris: JC Penney


I needed a little casual outfit for running errands. This outfit fit the bill. *Note: I would normally pair this tank with white shorts, but they were getting washed.

Shirt and shorts: JC Penney

Based on these outfits, can you tell where I shop mostly? Haha!

I'd love to see some of your outfits! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July Ipsy Bag

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday everyone! I had to take my dog to the vet, because he has been diagnosed with Lymes Disease. He's doing well though! 

On to this month's Ipsy bag! I thought this bag would never come, it felt like the shipping was really slow this time. *Note: the names for these items are ridiculously long. You've been warned.  ;)    Here are the goodies I recieved!

Models Own Nail Polish- This color is a light red color with chunky holographic glitter. This would look pretty as an accent nail!

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil- I like that this has an SPF of 8. (I know I should use a higher SPF, I knnooww.) This says that it is non-greasy, and I LOVE that in a tanning lotion. I will definitely let you know how I like this in a review.

Lord & Berry Black Silk Kajal Kohl Eyeliner- Honestly, I need another black eyeliner like I need a hole in the head, so this is going in a "give to friends" basket.

Bare Minerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow- 1. Long Wear Color 2. Prime 3. Brighten 4. Smooth 5. Protect. These items listed are what this shadow is said to do. I will do a review on this item once I use it more. The color I received is a pretty taupe/brown!

Clear Clinic Vanished Acne Spot Treatment- Heaven only knows how I have needed this the past few days! I love that this has a doe foot applicator to apply a concentrated amount of the treatment. There will be a review on this once I have used it for a while!

I also need to gush about the bag for a minute. This has been my favorite bag to date. First of all, it is hot pink. Second, it is pleather. Thirdly, how stinking adorable are those scalloped edges? I cannot get over the cuteness!

So what did you get in your Ipsy bag this month? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Friday, July 18, 2014

High Five for Friday

Friday is here! It is a gorgeous day outside and the perfect temperature. Here is what I loved about this week!

1. I already got part of my workout in! (Which is why this post is late, haha!)

2. I still have to go shopping to get a dress for my cousin's wedding in a few weeks!

3. I have some exciting posts planned for October! (Yes, October!)

4. I am going through my yearly struggle to decide how to redeem my Birchbox points. I always like to get the most for my money. Any suggestions?

5. I'm thinking about signing up for another 5k!

As always, thanks to Lauren for the link up!

What was your favorite part of this week? Leave me a comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July Birchbox

The wonderful pink box made its way to my mailbox again! I love getting these little surprises in the mail! I tried to not peek this month, as I usually do! This month was a pretty great month, with a wide variety of products. Birchbox collaborated with Women's Health, and gave us a subscription to the magazine in this box! Especially ones that I will be using for the remaining summer months! Here is what was in my box!

Number 4 Hair care- Super Comb and Prep and Protect: This is a leave in conditioner that will repair your hair, and also offers UV protection. This would be great going to the beach to offer protection from the sun and waves! I can't wait to use this!

Balance Me-Wonder Eye Cream: This is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles. I have noticed that I need to start using an eye cream. Sigh.

Real Chemistry-Luminous 3 Minute Peel: I have never tried a peel before, so I am definitely excited to try this!

100% Pure- Honey Cream Wash Gingerade: These sample packets would be good for traveling. I'm interested in the scent.

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette: This sample got me the most excited! I love eyeshadow, and these colors are pretty neutral with shimmer. I am excited to use this and see what looks I can come up with!

What did you get in your Birchbox? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment an
d let me know!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW. This week, I have a wide variety of photos to share with you! The beauty of these posts is to gain inspiration, not necessarily know where everything comes from.

Monday I had some errands to run, and wanted to be comfy, but still cute so this is what I chose.

Capris: JC Penney
Tank: Wal-Mart

Tuesday, I went to the produce auction. I definitely wanted to be comfy in case I had to take things to the car (which I did!).

Shirt: From my 5k
Capris: JC Penney
Shoes: Wal-Mart

Tuesday nights are my yoga nights! I love yoga nights, so relaxing, and a pretty good workout!

Shirt: JC Penney
Shorts: JC Penney

Monday, July 14, 2014

My First 5k!

Remember in high school when you had your "fitness test" and you had to run a mile in 20 minutes or so? I hated that. Hated it with a passion. Back in February when I decided to begin my journey of getting healthy, a 5k was so not in my plans. Walk 3 miles voluntarily? I think not. When I started walking to lose the weight, I started gradually. One mile became a mile and a half. A mile and a half became two, and two became three. I was walking voluntarily, I was seeing results, and I was doing a 5k virtually every day. So when my mom read about a 5k heart walk, she and I decided to sign up.

I don't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I am an open heart surgery survivor. I had the surgery when I was 3 years old, and luckily don't remember a thing about the surgery. So causes dealing with heart issues are close to my...heart. (I had to, I'm sorry!) 

The event was put on by the hospital in my town, and the director is my yoga instructor! The 5k also coincided with the town's firework festival! (My town is the Firework's Capital of America!) So my mom and I registered, and we were off.

We got to the hospital to pick up our bibs, t-shirt, and swag bags around 7:30. Everyone was gathered at the start line at 7:50, and by 8:00 we were on the move! Halfway through they gave us water, they had bands and people cheering you on at every turn. At the 2 mile mark our time was around 32 minutes. I ran the last 100 yards. I felt so accomplished when I crossed the finish line! We beat our practice times by 10 minutes!! I think that this 5k was a great place to start, and although my time was slower than most, I DID IT!

I had an absolute blast at the 5k, and I absolutely will do more! I've already started looking!

Have you even done a 5k? I'd love to hear about your experiences! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Friday, July 11, 2014

High 5 for Friday

It is a nice, summery, PA day today! This week has gone really fast, at least I think so! I'm linking up with Lauren, and here is what I loved about this week!

1. My first 5k is tomorrow. I'm both excited and nervous!

2. QVC and Hallmark Channel have been doing a lot of Christmas in July this week. I have loved watching the movies on Hallmark, and lusting after the deals on the Q!

3. I got stung by a bee on Wednesday. My whole leg swelled up, and I ended up taking 2 Benedryl before I went to bed. It was much better the next day!

4. Tuesday, the weather was so strange here. Half of the sky was sunny, and the other half was dark and rainy. There were some beautiful rainbows though!

5. I have some posts already drafted for next week! I think you will like them!

How has your week been? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday!  I wore other outfits this week, but I didn't get pictures of those. Next time, I will! I will post where each item is from. Be prepared though, most of these items probably can't be bought in stores any more. I just love to see what everyone puts together, and if you can gain inspiration from my outfits, then that is AWESOME! On with the outfits! *I should also mention that I took these pictures AFTER I had the events, so don't mind the sweaty faces and flat hair.    ;) Obviously my signature pose is the hands on hips look! 

4th of July:

Shirt: No Boundaries~ Wal-Mart
Shorts: Izod ~JC Penney
Bandana: Hobby Lobby
Lipstick: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ~Beso

Graduation Party:

Shirt: RQT (I have no idea where this shirt is from, sorry!)
Shorts: Arizona Jean Co~ JC Penney
Shoes: No Boundaries~ Wal-Mart
Lipstick: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain~ Rendezvous

I'd love to see your outfits! Leave me a comment and let me see them!

Monday, July 7, 2014

What's On the Menu

My plate!
Today, I'm participating in a link up with Andrea over at Momfessionals. I just adore her blog, and you will too! Today's theme is What's on the menu, so I wanted to give you a taste (pun intended!) of what  we had for the 4th of July! I will throw in some decor too, so you can feel like you were there with us!

First of all, the weather was absolutely perfect. The humidity that we had been having vanished, and it was breezy, sunny, and wonderful.


I took some full table shots, so you might not be able to see everything so I will list it here.

  • Hamburgers/Hot dogs
  • Poppy seed coleslaw
  • Cucumber and onions in Greek yogurt
  • Baked beans
  • Mac n cheese
  • Dirty rice (if loving this is wrong, I don't want to be right!) 
  • Pickle/relish tray
  • Hot dog chili (homemade!) 
  • Fruit salad
For drinks, we had lemonade, mint tea, iced tea, and different varieties of pop. We also set out bottles of water!


This year, my mom and I decided it would be fun to wrap our silverware. So one evening, (basically one episode of 7th Heaven!) I rolled the silverware in a napkin and tied it with a festive read ribbon. The basket, we bought at the Amish auction for a whopping $4. The silverware went in there, as well as extra napkins, and the dessert silverware. The flag tablecloth was something that my mom had from years ago. I found the patriotic bucket in our shed, and we used that to put our drinks in! 

It was a great day spent with family and friends! 

I'd love to see what was on your menu! Leave me a comment and let me know! Thanks, Andrea for the link up!

Friday, July 4, 2014

H54F 4th of July Edition

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!   “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
Happy 4th of July! My aunt says that once the 4th hits, summer is over. I disagree, but I definitely want to savor Summer!

I know. I have been a terrible blogger this past week. I let the busyness of Summer get to me. However, that will change next week! As usual, I am linking up with Lauren, here is what I loved about this week!

1. The car was reading 101 degrees outside. Mix that with crazy humidity and you have yourself a PA summer!

2. My neighbor's graduation party is tomorrow. I used to babysit her and her sisters, so that makes me feel really old.

3. Stay tuned for a link up to show you what is on my menu for today!

4. My first 5k is 1 week from Saturday!

5. My family and I are starting to plan for a trip to the beach. I hope we can go this year!!

What did you love about this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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