Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites

Can I just ask where the month of July has gone? Is it really the last day of the month already? The rest of the summer needs to just take a chill pill. Anyone else feeling the same way I do? I'm linking up with Andrea today to share with you some of my favorites of this week!

1. I stopped at Lowes and spied a hummingbird moth. I love nature sometimes. Keep an eye out for them! They have a long beak like a hummingbird, but look like a moth. 

2. My parents and I went for ice cream at our local hot spot. I can't get enough chocolate milkshakes this year! Ice cream is definitely a favorite!

3. This is going to be strange but...I got a slight sunburn (I even had SPF on!) and I am going to say that is a partial favorite. It means the sun has been out!!!

4. I promise that this "storm" was not that bad. It barely rained and there was about two claps of thunder. It definitely looked worse than it really was.

What was you favorite part of the week? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Owning It

I am back with another edition of Owning It. Did you enjoy the last one where I shared some of my craziness with you? I am here to say that I am crazy, so here are some more things that I can own!

1. I have only rode a bike a total of 4 times in my life. I had a bad experience when I was younger, and became scared. My grandpa pushed me from the top of the field in my backyard. I kept gaining speed and didn't know where the brakes were, so I had to fall off my bike before I hit the driveway. So after that incident, I haven't ridden. I'm 27 now, and I think I can push that experience to the back of my brain to try again. Haha!

2. I used to be scared to death of Beauty and the Beast when I was younger. Remember that one part where the Beast sees an old picture of himself and he slashes it and all you could see were his eyes? Freaked me out!! Would not watch it after that part came on. I'm cured now! I can watch it without problem now!  ;)

3. I can probably recite the movies Serendipity, Sweet Home Alabama, Date Night, and Dinner for Schmucks from memory. I have watched Serendipity so much that by listening to the soundtrack, I can tell you which part of the movie a song is from. I call that my savant side coming out. Haha!

4. Speaking of my brain, it is full of useless and random information. I read things, and then these facts just come out in random conversations. I don't even remember reading or hearing these facts, they just spew out of my mouth!

I can't wait to read all about your craziness! Leave me a comment and let me know what you've owned!

Thanks Christina for the link up!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

I made this lasagna recipe, and I think my grandma declared it the best thing she's ever eaten. She kept going back to the dish, and cutting off a small slice. Each time she would say, "This is so good!" So, if only she liked it, my day was made. However, every member of my family loved this dish, and I know you will too! It is a perfect way to use up Summer vegetables, and enjoy a delicious meal!

My comments are in italics!

Vegetable Lasagna


1 container (15oz) ricotta cheese
1 egg
1 tsp Italian seasoning
1Tbls olive oil
2 cups zucchini shredded
1 red bell pepper chopped
1 pkg frozen chopped spinach thawed and squeezed dry
2 C French Fried Onions divided
3 cups prepared Alfredo sauce
No boil lasagna noodles
2 C shredded mozzarella cheese divided
1/4 C grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Combine ricotta, egg, and Italian seasoning in a medium bowl. (I added some red pepper flakes, onion and garlic salt, and parsley to my mixture as well!)

Heat oil in a nonstick skillet over medium high heat. (I added half an onion, and 2 cloves of garlic to start my veggie mix and sauteed them for about 3 minutes.) Add red pepper and saute until slightly soft. Then add zucchini and cook for about 5 minutes. (I had fresh spinach on hand and added a half of a bag and wilted that down.) Stir in 1 cup of the french fried onions. Take off heat.

Normally, I would make my own Alfredo sauce but I was out of Parmesan cheese. I bought 2 jars of the Classico Light Alfredo sauce, and put them in a saucepan to heat through. I also added a little extra salt and pepper, and Asiago cheese to the sauce as well. 

To assemble the lasagna put about 1 cup of Alfredo sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 dish. (I sprayed mine with cooking spray!) Arrange noodles on top. Put a layer of cheese down to cover the noodles. Then a layer of vegetables. (I added some shredded chicken to mine that I cooked as well!) Then repeat with more noodles, sauce, cheese, and vegetables. Add final layer of noodles, and the rest of the Alfredo sauce. Put mozzarella cheese on top. Bake covered, 30 minutes or until noodles are tender. Sprinkle remaining French fried onions on top and bake uncovered 5 more minutes, or until onions are golden.

The results are an out of this world good vegetable lasagna!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts when you make this dish!! Please leave me a comment and let me know!!!

Thanks Andrea for the linkup!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My First LuLaRoe Party Experience

Do you have that favorite soft t-shirt, or pair of leggings that you always put on because they are just so comfortable? Does your t-shirt and leggings come in unique prints? If not, you could be wearing the wrong thing!! I went to my first LuLaRoe party the other night. It was hosted by my mom's friend, and the consultant was my former 4th grade teacher. (Funny story, to this day, to her face, I cannot call her by her first name! It is just weird to me.) 

LuLaRoe's motto is Simply Comfortable. Let me just tell you that it truly is!! The clothes are comfortable and stylish. They have a variety of styles for shoppers to choose from. Maxi skirts, dresses, leggings, t-shirts, tunics, and kimonos. At the party I went to, she had different areas set up around the house. In the living room was dresses, maxis, and t-shirts. In the television room, tunics, kimonos, leggings, and kids items. You just browsed around and picked out the items that you liked. You got to try them on in the comfort of the hostesses bathroom (or yours if you do a party at home!) The best part of this party, is that you got to take home what you loved! There was no waiting around for it to be shipped to you! It was simply cash and carry.

Another part of this party that I enjoyed is you are with your friends. You aren't at a mall where there are people shuffling through racks. You are with your friends. We all know that your friends are going to tell you whether they love something or hate something on you. #brutallyhonest The pieces are made in the USA, which is another selling factor! (The leggings are not made in America, but in China. They have something special to make the fabric so soft!)

I ended up purchasing three pieces from the LuLaRoe collection. I purchased an Irma tunic. This is a great versatile piece. It has a high low hemline so it is higher in the front and lower in the back. I'm all for butt coverage! Mine is a turquoise blue color that can be worn in all seasons. Next, I bought a pair of leggings. Ladies, let me tell you these feel like butter. But-ter. Buttah! They are so, so, so, soft! I almost didn't want to take them off after I was done trying them on! Again, the print that I bought can be worn through all seasons, and can be paired with boots as well. Lastly, I bought a Randy tee. I am absolutely in love with my pattern! Again, all seasons, and they have 3/4 sleeves so on a chilly summer night a Randy tee is perfect! I definitely think that come Fall, my mom and I are going to host a party. I can tell that these three pieces aren't going to be enough!

I plan on wearing these pieces very soon, so make sure to check out my Instagram page, or right here on this blog to see these pieces in action. Don't be alarmed if you see them a means I just really love them!!

You can find out about LuLaRoe here!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Favorite Red, White, and Blue

I can't say that I have a ton of red, white, and blue in my life. One thing, is that I am proud to be an American. I'm proud to fly my flag. I am going to take you through some of my favorite red, white, and blue!

One of my favorite red, white, and blue items are things that I can wear!! Here is an outfit that I wore last year for the 4th of July! It was casual and cool! This year, I LOVED the outfit I wore! It was simple, yet put together.

My favorite "blue" jeans are the tighter tummy technology jeans from Lane Bryant. I am going to probably have to have them taken in because they are getting too big, (yay!) but I will not part with these. First, they are way too expensive. Second, I love that they are higher waisted. Not giving these up that easily. Haha!

I feel that every woman needs a classic red lipstick. Some of my favorites are Revlon Matte Balm in Striking and Standout. I also love this one from Mirenesse.

I also love how I decorated for the 4th, last year! To see what I did, you can find it here!

I'd like to thank Andrea for hosting this awesome linkup! Make sure you check her out as well, she is super creative!!

What are some of your favorite red, white, and blue items? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Workout Playlist

If you missed my fitness journey/routine post, you can find it here!

See what I mean? Meet you at the finish line JJ! 
I learned something about one of my favorite athletes the other day. JJ Watt is a defensive player for the Houston Texans. He works out like a fiend, and eats 6000-9000 calories a day! What?! Dude is a house. I'm pretty sure that if he was at the finish line of a marathon I could probably get there. I might be bloodied, bruised, needing an oxygen tank, AND a stretcher, but I could get there!

Anyway, when I am working it out on the treadmill I need some things to keep me going. Otherwise, I get irritable and want to stop.

Sometimes, I will use my treadmill time to pray. I know a lot of people in times of need, and I will pray for them. Pray for healing, strength, and wisdom. It is just me, the treadmill, and God.

Oftentimes, I will listen to music which leads me to this post. I wanted to give you a list of my workout songs in case you are beginning on your weight loss journey and need some tunes to get you through! I have 20 songs, and it lasts a little over an hour. My list is alphabetized (thanks iPhone!)

All About That Bass: Meghan Trainor- When this song comes on, I have to watch myself because I have almost fallen off the treadmill several times! I rock OUT to this song!

Bad: Michael Jackson- Upbeat, and catchy tune!

Beat It: Michael Jackson- This helps me keep a great pace!

Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke- The words, I don't love. The tune however, can't get enough of it!!

Come With Me Now: Kongos- I just love this song. I can't explain it.

Cooler Than Me: Mike Posner- Is this song still hip? I don't care, he went to Duke and worked on some music for the basketball team.

Crazy Train: Ozzy Osbourne- Can't have a sporting event without this song!

Devil Went Down to Georgia: Charlie Daniels Band- Again, I just like this song.

Dirty Little Secret: Bon Jovi: This once is hard to find. I had to do some real digging, but it is Bon Jovi, and I love me some Jovi.

Dynamite: Taio Cruz- This song gives me a good reason to get my arm workout in!

Eye of the Tiger: Survivor- A MUST! Do it, put it on there, and I guarantee when this song comes on you will quicken your pace.

Good Girl: Carrie Underwood- Great beat, and a fun song!

Happy: Pharell- Yes, I do feel happy listening to this song. Energized and ready to go!

Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5- Okay, story behind this song. I have always heard it on the radio and never paid attention to the lyrics. So when I listened to it on my ipod I was in shock of the lyrics! Now I'm like" Ewwww", and sometimes just hit the next song!!

Rock With You: Michael Jackson- This is a great cool down song for me. Nice relaxing beat.

Stuck Like Glue: Sugarland- I can't get over the rap part of this song. So darn cute!

Uptown Funk: Bruno Mars- LOVE! I also get very into this song.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark :Fall Out Boy- The Penguins used this has a teaser on their TV commercials. It was catchy, and on the ipod it went!

Thriller: Michael Jackson- I will learn the dance to this one day!

Bad Romance: Lady Gaga- Yes. She is strange, but her music is quite catchy. Her CD with Tony Bennett...brilliant.

I plan on switching this up a bit and I want to add a few more songs. What are some of your workout songs? I could always use suggestions! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Health and Fitness Routine/ Journey

Looking back at old pictures can be a happy time. However, when you were overweight like I was, it was difficult. Trying on clothes was the worst. Although some items are fashionable, it is hard to not look doudy when you are in some types of clothes. In February 2014, I knew that I needed to change. My mom's friend was a BeachBody coach, and was just starting her accountability group. I joined in and completed a five day clean eating challenge. It was hard at first. No pop, no sweets, very little bread. That was pretty much the staple of life for me. After the challenge, I lost about 4 pounds. I continued to eat mostly clean, and did the 30 day challenges my coach gave me. In the spring, and continued into the fall I walked 3 miles daily. Believe me, there were some days that I was grouchy, tired, sweaty, and just wanted a piece of chocolate cake.

I have lost 30 pounds since my journey started. I am not at my goal weight yet, but I am getting there, slowly but surely. My new healthy lifestyle is part of me now. I get up and work out in the mornings. I eat clean most of the time. If I know that I am going to have a hamburger and french fries for dinner, I will drink a protein shake for breakfast. I'll eat some fruit, or something light for lunch. I've added more protein and fiber into my diet instead of carbs. I don't deprive myself. If I want chocolate cake, I'm going to eat the cake. The old me would have had 2 pieces. New Mandii just has one. Again, it isn't easy-especially in the summer. Picnics, random meals out, and gatherings are a good way to get off track. Once work gets into the swing again, I know my lunches will become even healthier as well.

After (and still going!)
It also helps to have goals. My cousin was getting married last August, and I wanted to wear an awesome new dress. It was great motivation to get my butt in shape! My other cousin is getting married this September, so I want to wear a great new outfit! My goal is to lose another 10-15 pounds before her wedding!

On a given day, I walk anywhere from a mile and a half to three miles. I also am starting a new workout series that will slim me as well as tone me. I have a few 5k's planned as well. That's what I've been doing, and it seems to be working for me. I am also a member of a great accountability group. That helps too. I have learned that it isn't about losing weight. It is about being healthy, and gaining confidence in yourself. Being healthy isn't a choice, it is a lifestyle.

What are some of your fitness tips? I am always looking for some! Make sure to leave me a comment and tell me your secrets!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bruschetta Chicken Bake Recipe

I cut this recipe off of a box of stuffing mix. I am SO glad I did! It is delicious, and easy to put together! I've said it before, but don't throw away the boxes to things because there are some great recipes on there!

I love bruschetta. It is quick to make, and tastes like you put a lot of time and effort into making it. So when I saw this bruschetta chicken bake recipe, I had to try it out! I love one pot meals!

Bruschetta Chicken Bake

1 can diced tomatoes undrained
1 pkg stuffing mix for chicken
1/2 cup water
2 cloves garlic minced
1-1 1/2 pounds skinless chicken breasts cut into bite size pieces
1 tsp dried basil (I used fresh!)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

To Make:

Preheat oven to 400*.

Mix tomatoes, stuffing mix, water, and garlic just until combined. Layer chicken, basil, and cheese in 3 quart (I used 9x13) baking dish. Top with the stuffing mix. Bake 30 minutes or until chicken is done.

*I probably let my casserole cook for 45 minutes. I have a paranoia with chicken and am so afraid of getting poisoned because it isn't done! Haha!

I made some Italian noodles to go with this dish. All I did was boil some farfalle, mix in a little butter, a garlic clove, some Italian dressing, and Parmesan. I topped it with some fresh garden basil. Quick and easy!

What are some of your favorite one pot meals? Any favorite recipes you have to share? I'd love to read about them! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July Weekend Recap Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my weekend, you can find it here! This recap starts on Sunday morning.

Mount Summit Inn
Sunday morning after breakfast, we decided to head out early. We cleaned up the house, and said our goodbyes to my aunt and uncle, my cousin, and her husband. We left without a plan, but quickly had one. We watched an episode of Treehouse Masters that build a treehouse at the Mount Summit Inn. (Do you watch that show?! It blows my mind every single time I watch it!) I plugged it into my GPS and it was 45 minutes away. We were on our way! We drove through Ohiopyle, and past Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob. Truly beautiful country scenery along the way.

Pool Area
My parents actually spent the first part of their honeymoon at the Mount Summit Inn, and on the way they kept reminiscing about how they remembered climbing the mountains to get there, how the food was included in the package. (It was so cute to listen to them tell me about this place!) When we got there, I was in awe of how beautiful it was! Actually, my mom made a great point. It almost reminds you of Kellerman's from Dirty Dancing. The charm on the Mount Summit Inn is just too darn cute. There is a beautiful double entryway where on the top level there are rocking chairs, and the bottom level is a porch and in the summer months you can dine al fresco. Inside the lobby is a beautiful grand staircase. There is an attached dining room/bar, and the front desk. One unique aspect of this hotel was that each room still uses an actual key to enter your room, there are no elevators, and my parents said that this was the same when they stayed there. I love unique charm like that!

Amazing Valley View
We were able to look at a room, and the room they showed us had an incredible valley view. If I ever stay there, I am going to request a valley view room. It cannot be beat! The Mount Summit Inn has a nice pool area as well. They have a large pool with ample room for lounge chairs. There is also a hot tub, and a nice waterfall. After spending only 30 minutes at the Mount Summit Inn, I definitely want to go back and stay. The charm of this wonderful place has invited me to return.

Bears at Nemacolin Wildlife Center
After we left the Inn, it was only a short drive to Nemacolin Woods. Listen, this place was blowing my mind. I didn't go into the hotel at all, but driving around this palatial resort was incredible! It is so regal, no wonder the lifestyle of the rich and famous stay here.  There was pools, golf courses, a zoo, a spa for your pets, treehouses, a casino, I could go on and on. My family and I spent some time at the zoo on the property. To be honest, I enjoyed this experience much better than the actual zoo. They had goats, bears, wolves, tigers, lions, ostriches, and bison. They had elevated lookouts where you could look at the animals without looking through a fence. It didn't stink, and everything was spaced out so there weren't crowds of people around one particular animal. We continued to drive around the property and marveled at the amenities this property had. Next time, I would like to go into the hotel part of this resort to see the interior. I'm sure it will blow my mind once more! I can't wait to explore this property more one day!

Can you spot the deer?
After that, it was time to come home! I hope you enjoyed this lengthy recap of my 4th of July weekend! I can't wait to read about yours! Leave me a comment and tell me what you did during the holiday!
I love big cats!

Information on Mount Summit Inn can be found here!

Information on Nemacolin Woods can be found here!

Monday, July 13, 2015

4th of July Weekend Recap Part 1

I hope that your 4th of July was as fun as mine was! My aunt and uncle invited us to stay at their neighbor's second home in Seven Springs, PA. I had never been to that area before so I was definitely excited to see a new part of the state! Plus, I love to travel and see new places!

We arrived Friday around 2:30, and pull up to the townhouse. It is absolutely gorgeous! There were 5 bedrooms, and each were decorated with a "cabin" feel. We were slopeside, and near the ski lift. After unpacking, we went exploring! We were up on the mountain, so one of the ways to get to the lodge was the ski lift. I had never ridden one before, so my aunt and uncle gave us the tips, and we were going to give it a go. They told us that they don't put the bar down that will help hold you in. (WHAT?!?! They are braver than I!) Since I am 27 years old, and would like to get married and have a family one day, we put the bar down. Haha! I'm not really sure if I've ever been so happy to be on land after that experience! (It wasn't that bad, actually. Going up was much better than going down.) 

The lodge was very nice, and very well populated. They had musical artists singing at the pool, and a Polish festival going on. The lodge had an indoor bowling alley, indoor mini golf, and several restaurants. There were going to be fireworks that night, so we got the scoop about those, and headed back up the house to work on dinner. After dinner it started raining, because that has been the norm around here. So the fireworks were in jeopardy. We played some games, and watched the Indians and Pirates play against each other. Go Tribe! Around 9:40 we heard the fireworks, so we walked outside and to a clearing, but because of all the rain, it was too foggy to see anything. :(  So we went back inside, and watched the best of Will Ferrell. 

Go Kipnis!
Saturday morning after breakfast my aunt and uncle went to check out the bowling alley, and my parents and I drove around and explored a little. We went down to the lodge again, and they had more music, and events going on. My cousin and her husband came up Saturday morning, and once they got there, we went bowling. I bowled a new world record low of 20. Yes, twenty! I can talk sports, not play them. #winning Once bowling was over, we headed back to the house and had our picnic. The good thing about our family, is that we can cook, and cook well! I again watched the Indians and Pirates battle it out, and then we headed to the pool and soaked in the little bit of sun that was peaking out from the clouds. 

Ski lift experience
Saturday night, there was a fireworks display put on by a family that was having a reunion at the resort. So we were able to watch that. It was nice, except for the one idiot who thought he owned the resort. Leave it to a select few to ruin the whole event. We moved out of his earshot, and had a much lovelier time enjoying the fireworks. After the fireworks, we went back to the house to play some ping pong and play some board games.

View from the house

4th food!

I have all of Sunday to recap, so this is a good place to end. Check back soon for Part 2 of the weekend!

Information on Seven Springs can be found here!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It is Friday! I actually don't think it is supposed to rain today...but you never know. Here is what I loved about this past week!

1. Watching the Indians is always a FAVORITE! I don't get the channel they are on because I live in PA, but when they played the Pirates, I got to watch every single inning. In case you were wondering, Jason Kipnis is one of my FAVORITE players! 

2. Holiday food is another FAVORITE. This was only half of the food we had for our 4th BBQ. It was delicious!

3. Speaking of food, I made this bruschetta chicken bake the other night, and it was really good. I will be posting the recipe soon!

Only a few favorites today, and two of them were about food. LOL! I can't wait to read about some of your favorites! Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorites for the week were!

Stay tuned next Monday and Tuesday because I am going to be posting about my 4th of July weekend! I can't wait for you to read about it!

Thanks Andrea for the link up!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

July Birchbox

Even though the weather around my area hasn't shown it, we are in the peak of summer! I love all that summer brings. Warm weather, picnics, vacations, and bronze, glowy skin. My July Birchbox was one of my favorite boxes I have ever received. I chose the Beachy and Bright box, and it was just that! Here is what I received!

Juara|Radiance Enzyme Scrub: This is an exfoliating scrub that removes all of the dead skin and minimizes imperfections.

Oribe|Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray: I could not wait to get this product!! I hope that this will give me the beachy waves I desire.

Supergood|Anti-Aging Sunscreen Serum SPF 30: I am excited to try this sunscreen because of the serum aspect. I hate how regular sunscreen feels on my face, so I am hoping this is lighter and less pore clogging.

Stila|Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick: This color is bright pink, and I love it! I am a bright lipstick gal, and with a tan, and a neutral eye, this will look great!

theBalm|Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush: I love products from the Balm, and I can't wait to try this out! It looks like just the right shade, and not too shimmery. 

The box this month was decked out in lime green and palm trees. How stinkin' cute is that?! 

What did you get in your July Birchbox? Any products you are interested in trying? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIWW: Weekend Edition

I'm not normally a "theme" dresser, but I can certainly get behind wearing the red, white, and blue! I love sporting our county's colors! On the actual holiday, I wore red and blue as well, but I thought this outfit was much more appropriate to blog about! I think the purpose of these posts is to inspire what you have in your closet, not necessarily the exact pieces.

I considered this outfit a win! If I wanted to tweak it a little more, I could definitely pair this with red shorts, and some simple white canvas shoes. I also see this being worn to an Indians game since they utilize the same color scheme!

My shirt is just simply a navy blue and white horizontal stripe. (The only thing I wish, is that I would have gotten a picture of the back of the shirt. It has bow cutouts going down to about your bra line!)  My shorts I have had for ages and those came from JC Penney. I wish I could tell you where I bought my shoes, but I have no idea! My necklace was handmade by my cousin. Throw on a red lip, and I was ready to go!!

Can I get a high five for a full length outfit shot with shoes on?! I usually forget to wear my shoes when I am doing these outfit of the day posts!!

What did you wear for the holiday weekend? I'd love to see your pictures! Leave me a comment at me me know!!

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy today!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Beauty Routine

I think everyone's beauty routine is different. We all cater to our specific needs, and pay attention to areas that need a little extra TLC. I'd like to think my beauty routine is not very complicated, but I do love playing around with makeup...even though I get stuck in a rut sometimes and use the same eyeshadow nearly every day! My routine changes from work to weekend, so I will tell you about my "weekend" look. I will try to keep this post as brief as possible.

After my shower, I usually dry my hair and then get to work on my makeup. I always start by defining my eyebrows. I use Jordana's brow pencil FabUBrow. My shade is dark brown. Next, I will apply my Coastal Scents Step One eyeshadow primer. I place that from my lid to browbone. Next, a product I can NEVER be without is Jordana's 12 hour Made to last eyeshadow pencil. I use the shade continuous almond, and it is matte flesh tone color. It is tacky and makes shadow stick to it. (I just learned that they are discontinuing this product, so I ordered 4 as backups. One pencil usually lasts me over a year, so I should be good to go!)  I just draw all over my lid and blend the eyeshadow pencil

Then, depending on what I am wearing I choose my eyeshadow! Sometimes, I will go with a matte shadow using my Meet Matt(e) Nude palette, or I will choose to use my Naked 2 palette. Oftentimes, I will use Wet N Wild Brulee eyeshadow all over my lid and browbone, then use a matte brown in my crease.

To line my lids I use Jordana's eyeshadow pencil in brown, and then use Chella's highlighter pencil on the corners of my lids to give them an extra pop! I curl my lashes, and apply CoverGirl's Lash Blast volume on my lashes. I also love Mally's Volumizing mascara!! On my lower lashes I use Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.

If I am going somewhere that requires foundation, I will use Mary Kay mineral makeup. If not, I just leave my face breathe!

To complete my beauty routine, I decide on what I am going to do with my hair, finish off my hair, and I am out the door!

I hope that this wasn't too long!! I am constantly adding items to my "must try and buy" list, so I can't wait to see the products that you all use!! Leave me a comment and tell me one product you can't live without! 

Thanks, Andrea for the fun link up today!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July


I wanted to wish you a very Happy 4th of July! You will probably find me wearing some red, white, and blue, and eating a hot dog, and hopefully enjoying some fireworks! 

Have a happy, and safe 4th! Please remember those in the military who are continuing to protect our freedom.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Chances are, I am on my way to a local resort with my parents, to spend the weekend with my aunt and uncle. I have never been to this resort before, so I am going to take a lot of pictures, and do a weekend review when I get back! I am linking up with Andrea today to share with you some of my Friday Favorites!

1. I may have squealed right in the middle of Wal-Mart when I found these! Listen, I watch the ESPN family of networks on the daily. So when I found these gems, my inner (well, my outer too) sports nerd just did a little happy dance! I wonder if I take these to a sporting event, if I could sneak in and be a member of the "media." Actually, touring ESPN, is on my bucket list. Plus, I'd love to be an ESPN reporter!

2. Did you see my post on the day I wanted to build an ark? It is quite the story, so if you haven't read it, you can find it here!

3. Tuesday was my parent's 31st wedding anniversary. I took them out to dinner and met the rest of my family there to celebrate!

4. On Wednesday, I was so close to watching my very first no hitter for the Indians. Carlos Carrasco had one going in the 9th inning, but he ended up losing it. :( The good news is that I got to see some of my Tribe on TV for a change!!

I hope you all have a safe, and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Day I Almost Built An Ark

Local Falls near my house
The month of May was beautiful! Clear blue skies, and 80 degree temperatures with no humidity. June has NOT been so wonderful. I can't be sure, but I feel like it has rained almost every day this month. It has been awful! One day in particular was the most awful day. It was a Tuesday, and my mom and I went to the produce/flower auction. Of course we were under the threat of rain, but we journeyed anyway. After the auction, we had a few errands to run, and it kept getting darker. And darker. And darker! We were about  5 minutes from our house and it finally let loose. When I say it poured, I mean it POURED! We had the works, thunder lightening, torrential downpours. It lasted for what seemed like hours, but in actuality, probably an hour and a half.

The aftermath was when I wanted to find Noah and have him build me an ark. My mom and I started to bail out our window well for what seemed like the 100th time that month. As soon as we would get three buckets out, it would fill right back up again because it was raining SO HARD! Our drainpipes were swirling and filled to the brim with water. The low parts in the yard were up to your ankles in water. The ground just could not handle all of the water that was coming down. 

*Little known fact: in the field behind my house, is the highest point in the county where I live. Highest point + 3-5 inches of rain + An absolute mess.

So now is where the fun part begins. Remember, Mom and I are bailing water out of the window well. Our laundry room starts filling up with water. My mom and dad go around to the front of the house (to make sure our drain is working properly), and lo and behold, OUR NEIGHBOR'S LAKE IS OVERFLOWING!!!! It looked like Niagara Falls coming down the bank and on to the highway. My other neighbor had a nice little river running though his yard as well. 

My neighbor's lake overflowing
I live on a major road that has a lot of truck traffic. So this big Mack truck is flying down the highway, and sprays water everywhere! So I call 911 to tell them that my road is flooded, because of the overflowing lake. On the other side of the highway a tree came down and knocked power out and was across the road. So the only traffic that was allowed on our road was thru traffic and power/cable crews. There was also a bulldozer going as well to clean up some debris that accumulated on the road as well. The lake continued to overflow for a good hour, and finally started to recede. 

After all of the torrential rain, as soon as it stopped, the sun came out and it was as hot as blazes out. I helped my parents clean up our basement, and we were all emotionally and physically exhausted. So thankfully, I have wonderful grandparents and they took us out to dinner so we didn't have to dirty our house and we could let everything dry up. Then we went for ice cream, because that just makes everything better. After dinner we drove around and went to the falls near my house, and it also looked like Niagara Falls. 

About 5 minutes from my house, a creek overflowed into a cornfield, and hundreds of fish were in the cornfield trying to get back to creek. It even made the local news!

So if you happen to hear of Noah, send him to Pennsylvania so he can show us his ark building skills. 

Have you had crazy rain like I have been having in the month of June? Has your summer been sunshiny and hot? I want to find out! Leave me a comment and let me know!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

My first college roommate texts me and asks me for the buffalo chicken dip recipe at least once every two months. I could eat this stuff by the spoonful. With all of the cream cheese, shredded cheese, and ranch goodness, comes inches to the waistline. Not cool buffalo chicken dip, not cool. So I scoured the internet for a skinny version. I found one on Gimme Some Oven. I made it, and was impressed with the taste! Here's the skinny version if you don't want to add extra inches to your waistline!

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

4 oz reduced fat cream cheese softened
1 c plain Greek yogurt
1 c shredded cheese (low fat if you can!)
1/2 c hot sauce (I like Frank's!)
1/2 c crumbled light bleu cheese
A few squirts of ranch dressing
3 cups shredded cooked chicken (I used a large can from Costco or Sam's) 

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Place in a baking dish (mine was 8x8 I think) and sprinkle your cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and dip is hot all the way through. (You can also put this in the microwave for 5 minutes or so!) Garnish with chopped green onion.

When I made my dip I added a few dashes of Sriracha, and Tabasco. This gave the dip a little extra heat, and added flavor.

What occasion do you make buffalo chicken dip for? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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