Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mox Botanicals Lip Butter Review

As you know, I love lip products. I tried the Mox Botanicals lip butter from my Birchbox points, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you!

This lip butter is really moisturizing. I put it on before bed, and my lips are smooth and supple in the morning. The color is clear, and I don't notice any irritation on my lips from using it. I picked up the flavor coconut almondine, and it smells very good. You get a decent sized pot, 0.2 oz, and this will definitely last me a long time. I think this balm would be great underneath lipsticks! I also love it is based in the USA!

The only thing I didn't like is that it is in a pot. Which is why I am using it before bed, and not keeping it in my purse. That way, I don't have to worry about germs infiltrating the balm as I can wash my hands first.

Keep checking back for more reviews from my Birchbox haul!

Do you like lip products that are in a jar? Have you tried Mox Botanicals before? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birchbox Haul

I had some Birchbox points that were going to expire so I wanted to use them! I always have the hardest time figuring out what I want to use my points on. There is always numerous lists involved, and lots of number crunching. I like to get my money's worth. So after careful planning, here is what I got!

1. Meet Matt(e) Nude palette: This palette also came with a full size Put A Lid On It primer. The packaging from The Balm is just ridiculously cute! The shadows are huge, and will probably last me forever! As a general rule, I am just a huge fan of The Balm makeup.

2. Model Co Party Proof lipsticks: I got the Classics selection. The colors are red velvet, (a rich red), Peony, (a fun pink) and Disco Fever, (a bright coral). These are matte lipsticks, but are so creamy and velvety on your lips! (Did I, or did I not tell you I have been into mattes lately?)

3. Mox Botanicals lip butter in coconut almondine: The scent is great, and it is very moisturizing! I put it on at night, right before bed!

4. Sumita eyeliner in Jamun. This is a deep purple color. You know it stays put when I had the swatch on my hand the very next day! You can find my review on the Sumita eyeliner I got in my Birchbox here.

Gift with purchase: Tibi bag Is this bag not the cutest? It is a neon print Tibi bag, and the city-scape is New York City! It is a good size, and will definitely hold some full size products!

I had 70 points, and used a coupon code that they sent me to receive an extra discount. I only had to pay $4.25. Score!

I would expect a review on some of these products in the next few weeks.

Have you ever bought anything from Birchbox? I'd love to hear what you decided on! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chlorine Free Hair Experiment Wrap Up

 If you remember this post about keeping the chlorine out of my hair, this is the follow-up.

I am SO impressed with how well the conditioner and wetting my hair worked. It didn't leave me with the stringy, rubber like texture that normally happens when you just jump right in the pool. It is easy to comb out and is in good condition.

I also think a spray leave in conditioner would work as well. (Granted, I need a haircut, as my ends are starting to get split.)


Rinse out your hair a good while so the chlorine can get out of there.
DO NOT let your hair dry with the chlorine in it!
Don't be afraid to rinse your hair, and reapply the conditioner a few times throughout the day.
Shampoo immediately after swimming, or just really rinse your hair if  you can't.

Try this!

I add a little bit of baking soda to my shampoo to give me a clarifying effect! Make sure you use a good conditioner, because it can dry out your hair just a little. I do this once a month at the most! If you color your hair, I would not recommend this because it could strip your color.

Have your tried the Chlorine Free Hair Experiment? Leave me a comment and let me know you it went!

Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

Sorry for the lack of a blog post yesterday! I haven't done much this week besides lay in our neighbors pool hence the lack of interesting blog posts. There will be some great posts coming this week for sure! Anyway, I am linking up with Lauren as usual! Here is what I am loving this week!

1. Being in a pool! Ours collapsed a few years ago, and we haven't replaced it. It is just nice and relaxing to lay in, plus I have a great tan!

2. The chlorine free hair experiment is going very well! I am impressed!

3. I am expecting my Birchbox haul today! Look for that very soon! (Plus product reviews in the future!)

Image found here
4. I went to the dentist, and have no cavities, or any problems! Woohoo!

Image found here
5. I am glad that the Royal Baby is here! I thought both Kate and William looked fabulous, and such proud parents. I loved her dress!

What have you loved this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Favorite Summer Drink

This drink is of the alcoholic variety, but so delicious! It is simple to make as well!

Here's what you need!

1 can of 7-Up or Sprite
Peach Schnapps

Pour the 7-Up or Sprite into a glass, fill with your desired amount of ice. Add in as much Peach Schnapps as you like. (I have found that a '7' count works for me!) Stir and Enjoy!

*If you want, you can add a Maraschino cherry for color and an added bit of sweetness!

Have you ever tried this drink before? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dentist News for Heart Patients

Image found here
    Hello everyone! I'm back from the dentist! Groan all you want, but I don't mind going to the dentist. I love my hygienist, and I just don't mind it. This post isn't going to be for many of you out there today, but a select few of you.

As you may or may not know, I had open heart surgery when I was 3. Because of this, I have to take antibiotics before I go for a dental procedure. It helps eliminate any infection that could possibly occur from the procedure. So I usually just take 4 pills an hour before my appointment.

However, things have changed. You are now required to take 6 pills an hour before your procedure, and 3 pills 6 hours after your first dose. 

I thought I would dedicate a post on this since this is new to me. If you are a heart patient, and going to the dentist soon, check with your dentist, and your doctor to see what they prescribe.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why we are drawn to the Royals

With the arrival of the Royal Baby, I wanted to dedicate a post on the Royals. Why are we so intrigued with the Royal Family? Is it because we don't have that in America? Personally, I always had a soft spot in my heart for Princess Diana. If you ask me to this day where I was when she was killed, I would be able to tell you. I was not an avid Royal watcher, but I became more interested when Prince William, and Kate got engaged.

Image found here
I think William and Kate are just so classy and seem so down to earth. Kate was a commoner, and fell in love with a Prince. Isn't it every girls dream to marry a Prince? They seem so in love, and just like regular people. Kate did her own makeup for her wedding, when she could have had any makeup artist do it. She dresses classy, and shows that you can be sexy, without being skanky. She is going home to Bucklebury to stay with her parents after she is discharged from the Lindo Wing. There is no greater baby nurse than your mother.

I like them because they did it the right way. Fell in love, got married, and then had a baby. That's refreshing to see in today's celebrity age. I expect this child to be raised more like Kate than William was. But we shall see. For now, we await the name.

Congrats to the Royal couple, and this precious child!

What are your thoughts on the Royal Baby? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Monday, July 22, 2013

What I wish I knew...

This post is a reflection of sorts. It is beauty things I wish I knew, let's say, back in college. Now, I got up, showered every day, and always dressed well. I applied my makeup and always curled my hair. However, knowing what I know now, I would change some things. So here is what I wish I knew back then.


I wish I would've picked up a good primer. Both for my lids and my face. By day's end I would be an oil slick, and a primer would have solved that problem. I also wished that I would have filled in my brows. I can see now what a difference that makes, and it would've helped out a lot! I also wish I would have invested in a high quality eyeliner that lasted a long time. Mine was non existent by the end of the day.


If I was in college today, dry shampoo would be my best friend. I would have trained my hair to go every other day, and not heat processed it as much as I did. I wish I knew about how wonderful hair oils can be and how absolutely amazing my hair feels with them in it. I would have pulled my hair up more, top knots can be really cute!!


Oh, if I had to do college over again, these suckers would top my list! I can't believe it took me so long to try them! I am definitely hooked!


I always got dressed up for class. I loved it. I sort of live by the motto, "Never leave the house in sweatpants. You never know when you will meet a dashing stranger, or an old enemy." If I had it to do different, I would give myself one day where I would go to class in sweats.

So what would you have done differently? It doesn't have to be for college, but say 5 years ago? Leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Favorite Summer Scents

Who doesn't love their home or room smelling nice? I know I do! I change my scents according to the season, and these two Summer scents are ones that I am absolutely loving!

I have a Better Homes and Gardens wax burner (think Scentsy) that I got at Wal-Mart for $15 last year. The wax cubes are only $2. so I have a nice assortment of those for every season. These last a good while and fill my area with a refreshing scent. The scent that I have been obsessed with lately is Sugared Melon Kiwi. It is just that perfect melon-y, fresh scent that isn't over powering. I pop that into the burner, turn on the light, and wait for the lovely smell! (Do you want to see a review of the burner? Let me know!)

The other scent that I have been loving is the Village Candle Summer Slices in Watermelon. This smells so good! Just like fresh juicy watermelon! I either put it on my candle warmer, or burn it. Either way, it smells wonderful! I got this as a gift, so I don't know where to find it, or how much it costs. You can go to their website however!

Do you change up your scents as the seasons change? What are your favorites? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Friday, July 19, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's Friday, and it is hot! Like you walk outside and your glasses immediately fog up hot. I am linking up with Lauren as usual today! Here is what I am loving this week!

1. My neighbors gave us full use of their pool while they were on vacation. Hallelujah! We've been pool-less since ours collapsed a few years ago. (That's a blog post itself!)

2. I have been trying to protect my hair while swimming. So far, I think it is working!

3. I am busy, busy, busy testing out some new products to review. I can't spoil the mystery for you!

4. I'm still deciding on what to get with my Birchbox points. I can't decide!

5. I was having a lot of fun live tweeting the Farm Kings show last night. Apparently the production company was as well, because they favorited 7 of my tweets and re-tweeted 1! It's the little things I tell you!

This is only a sampling!

What did you love this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!
  1.  favorited your Tweets
    Lisa is pretty slick getting those votes!
      Tim is like a kid in a candy store looking at all of the berries!
      "Kids are a lot softer these days..." PREACH IT TIMOTHY!!!
      Time for !!!!
      I would! I think he will do a good job!
      Joe and Pete's reaction to Dan in his suit, and name plaque is hilarious! I am cracking up!
  2. 11h
     retweeted you
    Tim is like a kid in a candy store looking at all of the berries!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chlorine Free Hair Experiment

Sorry for the late post today everyone! I have been swimming today, (as much as the weather will let me) and I figured I would clue you all in on how I keep my hair chlorine free.

Image found here
*Now, this is the first day I have tried it, so I will periodically check back in to give you updates.*

I have long hair, and I love it. I also love swimming. I don't love how chlorine makes my hair feel. So I have begun an experiment.

I wet my hair with tap water before going into the pool to completely saturate it. Then I apply a nickel sized amount of conditioner on my hair. I wrap it into a bun and get in the water.

Your hair is like a sponge, so by wetting it down with tap water it can't absorb as much as the chlorine water. The conditioner acts as a barrier, and makes your hair really soft!

As soon as I am done in the pool, I wash my hair, and apply all of my products.

I will check back in at the end of this little experiment and tell you all how it went!

Do you have any tried and true tips for keeping your hair "safe" in chlorine? Please leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Part 3

This is the last part in the Wedding Wednesday series! I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to catch up on parts 1 and 2 click on the highlighted links!

These are just a few other odds and ends that I love!

Love this for the day after the wedding, plane ride on the honeymoon. I think wearing your new monogram the day after the wedding is so chic. What a great outfit to travel to your honeymoon in!

 I absolutely LOVE this! Put this on your program and tell the photographer, I'm sure you will spy some people trying it!

while on honeymoon, send yourself a postcard every day from where ever you are and write on it what you did that day. once home, bind them for an instant scrapbook of your trip: complete with photos, stamps, and a run-down of each days events. LOVE this idea!!! This is so smart. Postcards are cheap, and you have a great memory of your honeymoon that looks cute and you can put on display!

Did you know that if you send Mickey and Minnie Mouse an invitation to your wedding they’ll send you back an autographed photo and a ‘Just Married’ button?    Also, if you send Cinderella and Prince Charming an invitation, you’ll get an autographed congratulatory certificate.    Here are the addresses:    Micky & Minnie  The Walt Disney Company  500 South Buena Vista Street  Burbank, California 91521  Cinderella and Prince Charming    P.O. Box 1000  Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 OH MY GOSH ... What girl doesn't want an autographed photo from Mickey and Minnie, and Cinderella and Prince Charming? This is too darn cute for words and such a great keepsake!

I hope you enjoyed this series, and I hope it has helped you or someone you know that is getting married! To many happy years!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat Wave

I feel like it is finally Summer! All of this rain we have been having has dissipated and the temps are in the 90's and humid. Just a few reminders to beat the heat and stay cool!

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated! Drink water, and plenty of it! It not only cools, you down but keeps you fresh.

Stay out of the sun if you can.

Blue Skies!
Make sure you wear sunscreen, and a hat to keep the sun off of your face.

If you have a pool, use it! (Don't forget the sunscreen!)

If you want a nice icy treat, soak a bandanna in water, and pop it in the freezer. Then unroll it and place it around your neck. It will keep you cool.

Check your local news for cooling centers if you don't have air conditioning.

Bring your pets inside for them to stay cool! Pop some ice cubes in their water so they have a cool drink too!

A lot of these tips are common sense, but I thought I would share with you just as a reminder!

Stay cool!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Food Dupe Alert

You have heard of makeup dupes, and today I am going to give you a food dupe! Is there such a thing? If not, I'll be the first! I loved SnackWells Original Creme Sandwich. It was my staple snack in my elementary years. However, I can't find them anymore! My local stores do not carry them, and I look every time I go.

While shopping yesterday I found these cookies by Lance. They are called the Van-O Lunch cookies. They are filled with vanilla creme, in a buttery, harder type cookie. I had to try them!

Success! A perfect dupe for SnackWells! The flavor is so close to the originals that I loved so much. I don't know if these are available all the time or if they are limited edition. (If you know, leave me a comment and let me know!) I found these in the packaged cookie aisle, and come in a package of 8 with 6 small round cookies in each package.

Let me know if you tried these, and what you thought! Go ahead, and leave me a comment!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Birchbox

That lovely pink box came to my doorstep this month, and as usual I squealed with delight! Birchbox allows me to branch out and try different products that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise. Here is what I got in my July Birchbox!

Eyeko|Skinny Liquid Eyeliner- I am usually really terrible with liquid liner, but this is in pen form and has a nice pointed tip, so I am willing to give it a try.

Kerastase|Masque Chroma Captive-Treat- I love hair masques. I use them more often on my hair, than I do my face. (Which is not good, I should use them for my face!)  This will be great to keep my hair silky and shiny.

Marcelle|BB Cream Golden Glow- I almost never wear liquid foundation, and I definitely didn't get on the BB Cream train, but I am interested in trying this. I think it will be perfect for the days you want just a little but of coverage.

Benta Berry|G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream- This says it makes your skin matte, and I am all for that!

Birchbox|Bobby Pins- These are the cutest bobby pins! These are great for pulling the hair off of your face, or jazzing up a ponytail!

What did you get in your Birchbox? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Want to get a Birchbox of your own? Use my referral code!

Friday, July 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Lauren as usual! I want to apologize for the lack of a blog yesterday. It was crazy busy!
I'm glad that it is Friday! Here is what I am loving this week!

1. We had a tornado roll through our area on Wednesday, thankfully, we were protected and kept safe. Scared me to pieces though!

2. I got to take part in something super cool on Thursday. Hopefully in a few weeks I can share it with you! It deals with my favorite TV show, and the local produce auction I go to. (Interested yet?)

I'm thinking I might get this palette! 
3. I have been trying to decide what I want to get with my Birchbox points. I change my mind every time I look at it! (Do you have any suggestions for me?)

4. I've been helping my grandparents finish up a rental property that they have. The new owner moves in today!

5. I've been using Witch Hazel on my face as a toner, and I am liking it so far. It isn't drying me out like I thought it would!

What have you loved this week? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Part 2

Welcome to the second Wedding Wednesday post! You can find part 1 here! Today we are going to look at dresses!

*Each bride has her own unique individual style. Choose what is best for you!

My Style: I am a traditionalist, and I am not a fan of strapless dresses. I loved Kate Middleton's dress. It was classy, yet elegant.

Kate Middleton Front view. To me, this is classic perfection. It's sexy without being sseeexxyyy. Does that make sense?

love lace and one shoulder but gotta get rid of the bow! This dress, is lovely. I love the one shoulder look. Myself, I could do without the bow.

I really like this for a reception dress. This dress would be a great reception dress.

If this had straps, I'd love it even more!  It reminds me of Lesley Ann Warren's dress in Cinderella. With a little tweaking, this dress would be absolutely beautiful! Can you imagine dancing around the dance floor with this flowing around you?

I really like this dress!!! I think this dress is great for showing off your figure, while keeping it modest. The ruched detail creates a hourglass figure.

I hope you have found some inspiration in these dresses. Don't forget to enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend to help you choose your dress and get an honest opinion from them!

Stay tuned next week, for the last part in the series!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Food for Thought Part 2

I wasn't going to turn this into a series, but I figured as long as I am drinking iced tea, I might as well share these adorable puns with all of you! These come from the Salada tea bags, and are just too cute, and too accurate not to post! *There are no authors on these.*

1. "Good and bad luck are often mistaken for good and bad judgement." Is this not so true? There are many scenarios where this can apply.

2. "Mind over matter: if you don't mind, it don't matter." Such a simple saying yet so true.

3. "Sculptor's favorite food: marble cake." Could you see this being turned into a joke? "Hey what's a sculptors favorite food?" "I don't know, what?" "Marble cake!" Laughter ensues! 

4. "When you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal." Think about it...

I have some of these saying left over so I will post them sometime again. I just really enjoy these and hope they bring a smile to your face!

Do you have a favorite pun/saying that you recite all the time? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Meadow Tea

Before I get started, I can't take full credit for this recipe. Lindsay or LaFemme5278 on YouTube posted an Instagram picture of "meadow tea." I thought to myself, "what the heck is that?" I scrolled down to the comments, and saw that it was just a simple mix of water, mint leaves, and sugar. Check, check, and check, I had all of the ingredients.

My aunt had given us a mint plant several years ago. As mint does, it grew, and grew, and grew. I also picked up a chocolate mint plant, and a lemon balm plant at a local Amish house. All three plants are thriving, and I love adding mint to iced tea. Ah yes, the meadow tea recipe!

The Recipe:

10 cups water
Mint leaves (I can't say how many because I just grabbed enough to fill up a small colander)
Sugar to taste

Boil the water. Once it has reached a boil add the mint leaves and turn it off. (Enjoy the smell, because your kitchen will smell AMAZING!) Let it steep for at least 30 minutes, if not longer. I like a strong mint flavor, so I let mine steep a little while longer. Strain out the mint leaves. (I also ran my tea through a coffee filter just to get out the tiny bits and pieces of debris.) Add sugar to taste. Enjoy!


I used a combination of chocolate mint, and spearmint. I also added leaves of lemon balm to broaden the flavor. The more variety of mint you use, the better!

Create a spa night you make this because like I said earlier, the smell is absolutely heavenly! Put a masque on your face, and sit back and relax while you smell the minty deliciousness!

It turns out after researching meadow tea that this drink is famous around the Amish. Those Amish sure know how to eat and drink!

Have you ever had meadow tea before? Did you make this recipe? Please leave me a comment if you did, I'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July OOTD

I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July! The weather was kind of unpredictable so we ate indoors. It was much cooler inside anyway!

I kept my outfit pretty simple. Being around hot ovens, and 91 degree temps it was a definite must for me!

My shorts: Izod (JC Penney's?)
My tank: Wal-Mart ($4.00 I think?)
My scarf: Pat Catan's ($5.00)

My accessories:

Earrings: Gold hoops
Watch: Bijuju
Necklace: QVC
Bracelet: Independence Visitors Center in Philadelphia

Lipstick: Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Flirty Kiss

What did you wear for 4th of July? Did you wear red, white, and blue?

Friday, July 5, 2013

High Five for Friday

It is the Friday after the Fourth? Are you still stuffed? Not too many pictures today.
Here is what I loved this week!

1. I bid on some flowers at the auction and I won them! This was my first time and I'm glad I won!

I paid $1.50 each for these!
2. I am completely stuffed from all the food we had yesterday! 

3. I watched Megan Hilty perform at the Capital Fourth and she looked stunning! She always looks good. 

4. I finally got to wear eye makeup yesterday! 

5. I am so excited to let you read some of my posts this week! I think you'll enjoy them! 

As usual I linked up with Lauren

What did you love this week? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Can you believe it is the 4th of July already? I can't. We have this joke in my family that goes "once the 4th hits, summer is over." Obviously, that isn't true, but summer does seem to fly after this holiday.

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our freedom. Freedom isn't free, there are countless men and women serving abroad to protect us, and to keep us free. Take a minute between the hot dogs and fireworks to stop and say a prayer for those overseas.

I leave you with a song wrote by the late, great, Marvin Hamlisch. Listen to the lyrics, a moving song about uniting as one.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Part 1

I'm not sure how long this mini series will last, but enjoy Wedding Wednesday!

I have a few friends who are getting married in the near future, so I figured why not share some of my inspiration boards from Pinterest to maybe help you out! When am I getting married you ask? Haha. Whenever Prince Charming comes! 

Anyway, I hope this helps you with your wedding planning!

My Wedding Style: I'm a traditionalist. Think traditional processional, recessional, and vows. Here are a few things I love, and hopefully you can gain some inspiration from what I like!

Here are a few of my favorite pins!

1, 2, and 3-carat.. nice pic to see differences This picture shows 1, 2, and 3 ring carat sizes. Show these to your Prince Charming, and don't forget the 4 C's: cut, color, clarity, and carat!!

I know I've pinned this ring several times already but i love this angle of it. This ring is perfection. This ring is my favorite. It symbolizes the "cord of 3 strands in not equally broken" Bible verse. (Ecc.4:12)

For brides-to-be! This site has 10 great tips to do when you first get engaged!

engagement pictures at your teams stadium, I'll remember this when I marry Tim Tebow. If you are a sports fan, can you imagine getting engagement pictures at your favorite stadium? (Cameron Indoor, I'm coming for you!)

what to wear for engagement photos In case you aren't a sports fan, here's how to coordinate your outfits on engagement picture day!

Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we look at DRESSES!!

In the end, it is you and your fiancée's special day. Do what you both want, because looking back at it, it is a day you both won't forget!

Are you a traditionalist? What does your ideal wedding look like? Leave me a comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer OOTD

It's time for an OOTD post! I just recently bought this shirt from Wal-Mart, and I absolutely love it! Why this shirt was on clearance for $5, I'll never know. This shirt epitomizes summer. My shorts are from JC Penney. The shoes are also from Wal-Mart many, many moons ago.

My accessories:

Watch: Merona Rose Gold from Target
Earrings: ASB Designs
Necklace: QVC
Lipstick: Wine Room by Wet N Wild

Have you checked out Wal-Mart's clothing department? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Favorite Summer Shoes

This is a requested post, so I figured why not? I seem to have terrible luck with my shoes. If I like them, they hurt my feet. I get blisters, and things just get ugly. In the summer however, I love wearing sandals, wedges, and flip flops.

I threw in some basics, as well as some fun shoes that I absolutely adore! There is a mix of wedges, flats, and sandal-type shoes. These are the shoes I wear most often, however....I have a lot of shoes, and 50% I don't wear. It's sad.

  • The brown wedges came from Target. I love the gold detailing on the front, and the straps make me feel like I'm not going to walk right out of them!

  • Are these nude flats just the cutest thing? These are A.N.A. from JC Penney. Every time I wear them I feel like Pocahontas! "Can you paint with all the colors in the wind..." They are so comfortable, and go with anything!

  • These black wedges are also from A.N.A. at JC Penney's. They are simple, and go with anything. And for my bad feet, they are very comfortable.

  • These beauties came from Marshalls, and are by the brand JUMP for the people. I got these on clearance, and I love the sneaker detailing with the simple wedge.

  • These are from No Boundaries which are found at Wal-Mart. I wear these all the time with jean shorts. The stripes are subtle, and the bow adds just enough girlie touch.

  • Believe it or not, these are crocs. I have been wearing these often because our weather in PA has been absolute rubbish. Perfect rain shoe, and definitely cuter than original crocs. (Yes, I do have a pair of those as well...)
What are your favorite Summer shoes? I'd love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment!
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