Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivation Monday: Blessings

"Lift up your eyes. Your Heavenly Father waits to bless you in inconceivable ways to make your life what you never dreamed it could be."
Anne Ortlund

God's blessings come in many shapes and sizes. We fail to recognize them at times. Today's world is consumed with ourselves. It is all about me, myself, and I. This saying is telling us to "lift up our eyes!" God will bless you beyond measure to make your life the best it could be. 
I will admit, trying to find the blessings is hard. For example, this fall, our house was attacked with bees. They were coming in our house through the cracks in the doors! My dad tried to spray them, and ended up falling off a ladder and irritating his hamstring. (We thought he might have tore his knee up!) My dad and I are allergic, and at the time I was thinking, "why is this happening to us?" We didn't plan on having to spend money to have an exterminator come out and get rid of them. Looking back on it, it was a blessing. We were blessed that no one got stung. We were blessed that my dad's hamstring was only inflamed, and his knee wasn't ripped to shreds. 

Today, I want to you intentionally look for the blessings. Especially during this busy Christmas season, where our thoughts are probably not on the blessings you have received. Do you have your health? Blessing. Food on the table? Blessing. A family who loves and supports you? Blessing.

I hope this message will help you reflect on the blessings you have in your life. 
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