Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Infused Water Recipes

This has strawberries, raspberries
and blackberries in it!
I recently got this new water bottle from Wal-Mart. It was $6, and has a built in infuser, the brand is Contigo. This water bottle holds 28 oz. Generally I love water, but sometimes it can get boring. So I thought this water bottle was perfect. I experimented with some recipes of my own. I like infusing my water because it is natural, and I know what is in my drink.


I squeezed 3 small lemon wedges into the infuser, and put about 6 mint leaves on top. I filled the bottle with water, and placed it in the fridge overnight. I loved this water because the mint gave it a nice smooth taste, and the lemons made it fresh. (I have also used just lemons, and it is good as well!)

Here are a few recipes I found on Pinterest that I want to try as well! (Are you following me?)
Infuser from the top

This one has several different varieties I can make with fruits and some herbs.

I can't wait to make this orange and mint infused water! I think the sweet citrus of the orange and the smoothness of the mint will be a great flavor combo! (Must buy oranges immediately!)

If you have infused your own water, I would love it if you shared your recipes with me! Leave them in a comment, I'd love to know what they are!
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