Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Ipsy Bag

My Ipsy bag arrived in the mail, and it has a ton of great things I can use for the upcoming warmer weather!! Here is what my bag consisted of!!

Precision Beauty: Eyelash Curler- This is obviously full size. I am excited to try this out. My one from ELF is starting to get beat up, and this looks like a great replacement. Plus, it is purple! How fun!

Hang Ten: Classic Sport Sunscreen-This is SPF 50, and will be great on the days I do not want to get any sun. I've never heard of this brand, but I love the packaging!!

Boo-Boo Cover Up: Concealer- Ipsy knows me so well. I was looking for a concealer to do some "patchwork" around my eyes and some blemishes I have. This looks like a great color match, and seems to cover well when swatched. I will do a full review when I use it for a while!

Eva NYC: Therapy Session Hair Mask- Love, love, love hair masks for Summer! I can't wait to give this a try and see how my hair looks afterwards. I'll be sure to give you a review! Bonus, this smells amazing!

Pacificia: Natural Beauty Eyeshadow Duo- This is a pale pink iridescent shadow and a gold shimmery shadow. I think this will pair wonderfully with a medium taupe for a crease color and you would have a whole look.

The bag this month was a cloth bag that is very soft and has green leaves on it.

That was my bag, what was in yours? Leave me a comment, and let me know!

If you are looking to get your own Ipsy bag, you can use my referral link!

**This was supposed to go up yesterday, and I'm not sure why it didn't. Sorry about that!!
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