Monday, October 13, 2014

Number 4 Hair Care Prep and Protect Spray

Number 4™ Super Comb Prep & Protect - 900x900
Last week when I was at the beach, I was fully immersed in the beach. I had sand, saltwater, and chlorine in my hair. Great for my mental health, not so great for my hair. My tresses needed some extra TLC. I shampooed and conditioned almost daily, and used this Number 4 Hair Care Prep and Protect Spray. This review would not be made possible without getting this sample from Birchbox! (See why it pays to get samples in the mail?)

How I used this:

I applied this after I unwrapped my hair from my towel. I flipped my hair upside down and sprayed it from the midshaft down to my ends. Then I sprayed the tiniest amount on my hair once it was flipped back up. Then I combed it out, and applied my Argan Magic hair oil as usual.

Why I like this:

I like this spray because first of all, it detangles my hair. I can comb it out with no problem. Second, it has a UV blocker, so if I wanted to I could spray this on before I go out to the beach. Lastly, I like that it repairs any damage I have done to my hair.

I think that this spray is great for people who live full time near the water. This would help condition and repair your hair. For someone like me who only spends a few weeks at the water during a year, this sample size is perfect. 

You can find this product on Birchbox's website!

Have you ever tried Number 4 hair care products? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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