Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heart Month: My Story

The month of February is Heart Month. This month is designed to educate you on heart disease, and general heart health. This is personal for me, because I have a heart condition. Here is my story. (I'm giving you the cliff notes version!)

Here is me wearing my red!
I was born with a muscle bundle on my heart. When I was three years old, I had open heart surgery at Children's Hospital. During the surgery, the doctors nicked my aorta, and I have a small leak. I have had countless EKG's, electrocardiograms (which I lovingly refer to as a jelly belly!), and chest x-rays. I never complained, and loved my cardiologist when I was younger! Luckily, I remember the good parts, the playroom, and the strollers you could lay down in. I am proud to say that aside from the small aortic leak, and a lifting restriction (to further prevent more aortic leakage) I am healthy. I can live my life without worry.

Being an adult now, I try to take care of my heart. I've lost weight, started eating better, and have been exercising more. These are some of the steps to take to prevent heart disease. You can find other tips here!

Every Friday in February, you will find me wearing red to support this cause. Will you join me?

What cause is close to your heart? I'd love to hear your story! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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