Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memories Behind my Clothes: Jewelry Edition

In my opinion, jewelry can turn an otherwise boring outfit into something fabulous. I have lots of costume jewelry pieces that can enhance my outfits. However, there is one piece of jewelry that I never take off. My gold cross that my parent's got me.

I don't even remember getting this necklace. I always remember having it. In pictures from my toddler years, I have this necklace on. It has always been with me. When I wear this necklace, I feel comforted, and can feel that God is with me. I also feel a little piece of my parent's with me as well.

I thought I lost this necklace 2 days before I was to begin student teaching. I took this necklace off to wear a statement necklace, and thought I put it on my dresser. When I went to put it back on, it was not there. Cue me looking high and low in tears for this necklace. Thank God for my Mom, because she was there to calm me down and help me retrace my steps. My Dad was the one that found it, on the coffee table in the living room. I remember I kept saying "How could I student teach without this necklace?" Needless to say, this necklace means a lot to me.

Do you have any special pieces of jewelry? I'd love to read about them! Link up with me and leave me a comment and let me see the Memories Behind your Jewelry!

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