Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What I've Been Up To: Part 1

Like I said yesterday, hello! Welcome back! I promise that I haven't forgotten about this wonderful blog! Honestly, I have no clue where the month of September went. Where did it go?! I blinked, and started working again, and here it is almost the end of the month. I wanted to give you a little glimpse as to what my September has looked like so far. I'm splitting it into two parts because there has been a lot!

The beginning of September started with my getting some work in on the second day of school. The school I work for has subs floating around sometimes to help teachers our with anything extra they may need. It helps the teachers out, and I actually really like floating. The second day of school happened to fall on a Tuesday. That meant $5 hamburgers at a local restaurant. So I met up with my grandparents and parents to enjoy the food. (It also happened to be 95* outside, and classrooms were well into the 90 degree mark as well.) So cool air conditioning and ice cream were also on the menu. 
That Friday I had off, so I spent time prepping for the upcoming weeks ahead. I made some egg cups, that I could freeze and pull out in the mornings. They have come in handy, and I get a good breakfast in the morning as well! I will post a recipe soon. 

Also on Labor Day weekend, my cousin got married! It was a beautiful wedding, the weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and I got to spend time with my family members. It was a great time celebrating my cousin and her new husband. 

That was only the beginning of a super busy month of September! Stay tuned for the rest of this month's adventures!

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