Monday, October 26, 2015

Favorite Fall Finds Under $50

I'm back! I swear I have one good week of blogging, and then a horrible week. I need to really get better at this. Those of you that know me and read this blog, know that I am a frugal gal at heart. So that is why today's link up is perfect! I'm linking up with Andrea today, to share with you my favorite Fall finds under $50.
KenLee Cait

My first favorite is this boutique called KenLeeCait. I bought this top (and could not love it more!), and I have another few items in my cart. Most of her pieces are under $50, and so darn cute. Definitely check it out!

My next favorite is gel nails. My mom and aunt got manicures with gel nails on Friday. I wanted to wait until closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas to get mine done with gel. So I painted mine at home. But they are already starting to show some tip wear, and have sheet marks (the worst) in them. So for the $30 at the nail place, I think it is worth it. There is no cure time, and it lasts. A win, win!

Most of you know how much I love my Birchboxes each month! Getting mail other than bills, is always a plus! So for $10 a month, getting 4-5 beauty samples in the mail is great!

Those are just a few of my favorites! What do you love under $50? I can't wait to read about them! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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