Thursday, August 4, 2016

Update Your iPod With...

Do you remember this series? It's been a while. Do people even still put music on iPods anymore? Anyway, pull out whatever music device you use, because it is time to update it with some new tunes!

I'd like to introduce you to Coby Greer. Doesn't his name just sound like a singer/songwriter name? I
didn't find Coby, rather he found me. He actually followed me on Twitter, (I'm @mandiiduke) and I am SO glad he did! I checked him and his music out, and was hooked.

Coby is a native of Alabama, but now lives in Music City. (That's Nashville!) Audiences have enjoyed his singing since he was 14 years old. Coby has that great traditional country sound, but with a modern twist. To me, his sound is that of the country music I grew up with: songs that tell a story, with a catchy "gets stuck in your head" tune. Think Clint Black, Randy Travis, and Clay Walker with a whole lotta Coby mixed in. He's worked stages with many of the legends of country music; George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., Loretta Lynn, and Randy Travis. Guys, Randy Freaking Travis! I can't listen to 3 Wooden Crosses and not get a lump in my throat, and wipe a few tears away. So yeah, after learning from those country music Kings and Queens, Coby knows what he's doing. His debut album Would You Come Along came out on Dec. 11, 2015. (My birthday!)

One of my favorite songs of his is "You're So Fine." This is a great confidence booster song. Telling me I look fine makeup-less and in my jammies?! Believe me, I need the boost on the daily! Thanks, Coby! He has great guitar parts in his songs that I *may or may not* have played some air guitar solos on. Coby, if you need an air guitar player or tour blogger, here I am!

You are in luck, because TODAY Coby is releasing a new single!

"Streets of Baltimore" is a tribute to Bobby Bare. It is being released today wherever you buy your music. iTunes, Amazon, etc. It's already on my phone, and it is fantastic!

I hope you love Coby's music as much as I do! If he ever makes his way to the Western PA area, you'll probably find me in the front row.

You can find more info about Coby here!

What are you waiting on? Go get his music! :) Please.
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