Thursday, August 18, 2016

Would You Come Along Album Reivew

Do you remember when I did this post about Bon Jovi's new CD? I gave my thoughts on each song, and then gave my overall impressions of the album at then end. Well, let's do that again shall we? I am going to cover Would You Come Along by Coby Greer.

Would You Come Along came out on Dec. 11, 2015. I bought mine off of Amazon, and you are going to want to buy one too.

It should be no secret how I feel about Coby's music. #Love Can I consider myself a Greer Girl? Is that a thing? Can we get shirts made?! Remember, these are just my thoughts and impressions. I'm so not a music critic, but know good music when I hear it. Your favorite song will be different than mine. Anyway, let's get on with the song by song breakdown.

You're So Fine: If you are feeling down about yourself, you need to listen to this song. He's basically telling you that you are beautiful with no makeup and your pj's on. Confidence.Booster. Um, THANK YOU!

I'm All About You: The first time you see that person who changes your whole world. When that person comes into your life unexpectedly. When you want to spend every moment with the one who has caught your attention.

Cry in One Hand: This has that classic country sound. Breakup song. "As I got to the end of your drive, I threw your picture out of the truck." Not going to lie, I openly laughed out loud at this line. Haven't we all wanted to do, or did do that at some point and time?

I Can't Wait: The first time I heard this song, I got tears. From a person who doesn't get emotional at things like this, it is a big deal. "Our forever starts today, I can't wait." Dear Jesus, this song is beautiful. If you need a wedding song, please use this! This is an entire love story in one song.

Hick Hop: Listen, I love this song. If you listen to this song and not smile, there is something wrong with you. Think country rap, only you can actually understand what he's saying. Also, is there a line dance to this? If there isn't, there should be.

You Get Me: This is a cute love song. I had to laugh at this one line "Why is it when you dry your hair, you dry it upside down?" Well Coby, one word. Volume. The higher the hair, the closer to God.  ;) I'm kidding!

Would You Come Along: The title track on the album. This song is about going on an adventure just the two of you. No matter where you go, you are with the person you love. I like this slower paced song, and this also has a great guitar part!

If You Were a Song:  This is such a cute song! Comparing your significant other/girlfriend/wife to your favorite song on your playlist. Turning the volume up, turn it down, put it on repeat etc.

In my Dreams: Again, the beginning of this song has a great guitar part. This song is how you feel after a breakup. Re-imagining all of your old memories, and going over what went wrong.

I Surrender: This song is classic country. Just listen to it, and tell me it isn't true. 

Even The Devil Needs an Angel Sometimes: This kind of reminds me of a Bon Jovi style song. This is also a great song to turn up the bass on your car stereo and rock out. I really like this song. "Try to hang your halo on my horns"-this is a great line!

I really, really love this album. This was one of those albums where I liked every song the first time I heard it. Sometimes songs need to "grow" on you, but not with this album! I felt like I did "come along" with Coby on an adventure. An adventure of love, loss, and everything in between. I hope you love his music like I do. (Could I have used the work "love" in that paragraph any more?! Haha!) 

As always, you can find info about Coby here!

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