Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beginning of the School Year Tips

I'm going to dedicate this post for anyone heading back to school! As a substitute, I have to get back into a routine as well! I will give  you some tips for Entering High School, Entering College, and A College Upperclassman! Let's get to it!

Entering High School:

My high school experience was okay. It is not a time that I want to go back to. However, there are some people whom I graduated with that loved the whole experience. Here are my tips for those of you entering high school.

  • Be yourself
  • Get involved (something I wish I would've done more of!)
  • Don't try to fit with the "in crowd." 
  • Be organized
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Entering College:

I was scared to death during my first weekend in college. I remember thinking "Mandii, what in the heck did you get yourself in to?" Here I was, this shy girl, living away from home for the first time with a roommate. (luckily, home was not far away!) You know what tho, I ended up LOVING college! I made lasting friends, and wonderful memories. 

  • Leave your door open to make new friends
  • Befriend some people in your classes, you never know when you'll need a partner!
  • Go to class!! 
  • Be organized, and get in a routine. 
  • Study outside
  • Attend events (something I wish I would've done more of again!)
  • Dorm beds take Twin Extra Long sheets! 
  • Be yourself, you'll be surprised how far that gets you in life. 
College Upperclassman:

I liked being an upperclassman. Usually that meant less auditorium classes, and more classes with a group of people I knew. Not to mention, scheduling your classes earlier, and getting the dorm you wanted!

  • Reconnect with your friends during the first week of class
  • Take time to enjoy the college experience! (Loans are due 6 months from when you graduate!)
  • Again, go to class!
  • Allow yourself a night just to hang out with your friends to get away from the stress of classwork.
Given the chance, I'd go back to college in a heartbeat. If I didn't have to pay tuition and housing fees. Haha!

I hope these tips helped you! If you have some tips to share, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from  you! 
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