Tuesday, August 20, 2013


*Warning: this will be a long post, and picture heavy!*  :)

Strictly based on the title alone I should have caught your attention! Sunday was the Alex Goot concert. It was at bar in Pittsburgh, and there were about 5 acts to the show!  You definitely got your money's worth! I went with my cousin, Allie (you can find her blog here!) and it was just a fun girls night!

The show was in a bar which used to be an old church, so it was very pretty inside. We got there around 6,  parked, and only had to stand in line for 10 minutes before we got to go inside. When we went in, we got our tickets scanned and BAM, there was Landon Austin and Luke Conard at their merchandise table. So, because I somehow gained oodles of confidence*, Allie and I went over and I said "Hi Landon!"  He said "hi" back and asked me my name. I had a card for him so I handed it to him and he asked if he should open it now or later. I said that it was up to him. We moved on to Luke Conard, again, my confidence was through the roof,  (so unlike me!) I said "hi Luke!" He said "hi" and signed my ticket. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Landon opening the card. Score!

*Being the shy, rather awkward girl that I am, I somehow gained this confidence while talking to them. Like the quote in We Bought A Zoo, "All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage..." and well, apparently I had it.

Allie and I went up to the balcony and watched the concert from up there. It was just high enough to lift you off the floor, but close enough where you could still see. Each act sang anywhere from 4-8 songs. First up was Marcus Messon. He played a few songs, and then the next act was on, they were King the Kid. They did a song, with all 3 of them playing drums, and it was honestly the coolest! I appreciate a good drummer(s). No hand/eye coordination for this gal!

After a quick set change it was time, the time I personally had been waiting for. Landon and Luke time! They each sang a few songs, and ended with Superhero, a song they co-wrote. It was amazefest USA! I wish they would have played longer! Landon and Luke, if you are reading this and go on tour together again, I'll be your personal tour blogger/assistant! 

After Landon and Luke, it was time for Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schnieder. My favorite song of theirs was just something acoustic they did. It was so simple, and you could hear their voices and the true range they have. (I've said it before, but I often prefer acoustic songs over anything else.)

Finally, it was time for Alex Goot! He played a few original songs, and some covers. He also came back for an encore, which is always good! After the concert, I got to meet Landon and Luke! (cue excitement!) Landon said he like my letter (yes!) and we took a picture together! I also told him that he was "born to do what he was doing." He said that he appreciated that comment. (cue swooning from Mandii.) I also got my picture taken with Luke! They honestly couldn't have been nicer! Even if they don't remember me (they probably won't) I will have the pictures and memory forever.

Overall, it was a great concert. I will say this though, my old lady status was kicking in right around the time Alex was to go on. It was 10:00 and I was craving my bed. You can totally call me an old maid, I'd agree with you! It was definitely worth going to though!

My only complaint was 2 things: I wish Landon and Alex would have sang "As Long As You Love Me" together, and that Landon, Luke, and Alex, would have sang "Clarity." Both of those are my favorites, but alas, I will have to continue watching them on YouTube!

Have you seen any of these YouTubers in the flesh? I'd love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment and let me know!

Everyone's Channels:

King the Kid
Landon Austin
Luke Conard
Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schnieder
Alex Goot

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