Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let's Talk About: Miley Cyrus

By now you have probably watched the horrific disaster that was Miley Cyrus's performance on the VMA's. If you haven't, spare yourself of the disaster and just take mine and other people's opinion and just know it was pitiful.
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I know why she did it. She doesn't want us to see her as Hannah Montana anymore. Well, I don't. I see her as a disgusting attention seeking wannabe. I'm sure she was raised better than that. Can you imagine her trying to explain that to her grandparents? There is no doubt that she can sing, and unfortunately after her performance on Sunday that is NOT what people are talking about. Sad.

People who are in the limelight, are in it to become famous. I remember Jon Bon Jovi said in an interview with Katie Couric, that the bands original goal wasn't to become famous but to hear their songs on the radio. Fame came later. Some people do things just to get famous. Once they do, they get things thrown at them, money, cars, sponsorships, and they just use it to their disadvantage.

I wish more people would start doing things because they love to do it, rather than become famous. You can tell the difference. People who do what they love truly appreciate working on their craft. There is a quote that says "Be nice to people on your way up, because you might meet them on the way down." Was Miley nice to the people on her way up? I guess we will see, I think she is on a downward spiral to the bottom.

What did you think of her "performance?" I'd really love to hear from you. That's why I created this Let's Talk About portion on my blog! Missed my last Let's Talk About? You can find it here!
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