Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tip for Growing Out Your Bangs

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I am growing my bangs out. I've had them for over two years and it is time for a change. If you've ever grown out your bangs, you know what a frustrating process that can be. They are either in your face all the time, or crunchy from copious amounts of hairspray. I discovered a trick that not only keeps your bangs out of your face, but avoids the crunchy hair feeling. Here's how you do it!

1. Style your hair as usual. For me, this includes putting my bangs in a velcro roller to curl them.
2. Once your hair is styled, remove the roller if necessary. Then separate your bangs by pulling the top layer up.

3. Spray a spritz of dry shampoo on your bangs as if you were doing it to absorb oil.

4. Run the dry shampoo in, smooth bangs, and apply hairspray.

That's it! The dry shampoo gives your bangs texture. I found that this helps prevent my bangs from falling into my face and I don't use as much hairspray. The dry shampoo acts as a binder, helping the hair stick together.

Have you ever tried this trick? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
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