Friday, December 6, 2013

High Five for Friday

Friday, you are here again! It is lovely to see you! I am linking up with Lauren, as usual! Here is what I loved this week!

1. I worked 4 days this week subbing, and I had to leave at 2 for a doctors appointment today. The plus: I get to eat Olive Garden for dinner!

Image found here
2. I just learned that I am going to go see Donny and Marie in concert the day after my birthday! I'm SO excited!!

3. Have you started your Christmas list? I definitely need to! Tell me that I'm not the only one who makes Christmas lists to use as "hints" for my family.

What a cool way to address a Christmas card!
Image found here
4. I found this cool way to address my Christmas cards! I'm doing it this year!

5. This week, I am glad it is Friday!

How has your week been? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you! Comment away!
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