Monday, February 1, 2016

Random Odds and Ends

I was looking through photos on my computer, and realized that there were some that I never shared with you!

My cousin makes and sells handmade jewelry, so my aunt had a party to showcase her work. My mom, grandma, aunt, and I all went, and had a great time! On the way home however, we got stuck in the Liberty Tunnel for 20 minutes! Us girls had fun chatting in the car during the stoppage.

For Christmas, Cashew got stuffed Rudolph and Clarice toys. He loves them! Clarice is definitely his favorite, so I couldn't resist doing a little photo editing. ;)

Do you think that I have enough lip balm? My mom got me all of these for Christmas. I NEVER go through lip balm, but before all of these were bought for me, I had already gone through 3 of these! That never happens!!! I posted a review of this lip balm a long time ago, and you can find it here!

What kinds of odds and ends do you have? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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