Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Show & Tell: Favorite Pinterest Pins

What did we do before Pinterest? I think we actually hung things up on a bulletin board!! I'm like everyone else and is obsessed. There isn't a better way to keep track of recipes, quotes, home things etc in one area than Pinterest. I'm linking up with Andrea today to share with you my favorite pins!

I have 16 boards. So I figured I would give you a favorite pin from each of my boards! You can follow all of my boards here!

When I go to Duke again, this is what I will wear to walk around campus!: My Style:

I LOVE this outfit! It screams Duke, and the touch of leopard makes it even better! I need to find a blue blazer like this, and those awesome grey pants!

Pick up a letter at Hobby Lobby or craft store; paint it your color; add house numbers!: For the Home:

I think this is so cute! Plus, it is cheap, and would look great on a house or apartment!

Favorite Places and Spaces:

Bora Bora-YES PLEASE!! Must go here one day!:  Bora Bora is on my bucket list. I'd love to go there and to just relax and look at that beautiful water. I would definitely want to stay in an over water bungalow to look at the fish!
This would be accurate at my house!:

Things I Love:

You will find a lot of animal pictures on this board! Animals just make you happy!

Teaching Ideas:

Rewards for students during CST testing:  Unfortunately testing is all to common today. I think these small treats are a great reminder to students that as long as they try their best that is all that matters.

Sports Love:

Duke Basketball Tshirt Cameron Indoor Stadium address by AspieTees, $19.99  I NEED TO OWN THIS!!!:  It should be no surprise that Duke dominates this board. LOL! Can we talk about this shirt though?! I mean, it is the truth!


There are way to many favorites to count. You can look through them here!

Future Wedding:

Love this idea!:  I definitely want a photo like this with my wedding rings. Also on this board you will find a lot of wedding dresses and rose gold engagement rings!


Candy cane sugar scrub...oh ya everyones getting these for xmas!:  I couldn't believe how many sugar scrubs I had pinned until I looked at this board. Looks like I had better get busy!

Words to Live By:

Prayer:  I have so needed this prayer. This board has so many inspirational quotes on it. I just need to print some of them out and read them

Man Candy:

Just do yourself a favor and go look. Lots of athletes and singers. Hey, whatever works right?!


OMG!:  I mean can you even stand it?! This board will find cute announcements, Elf on the Shelf ideas, and a whole host of other topics.


Military phonetic alphabet @Thomas Marban Marban Marban Haight's Outdoor Superstore:  Welcome to my brain. There is so much randomness on this board. Why did I pin this? I thought it was cool, and useful, and something random I could fill my brain with. Check this board out for more randomness!

Fave Movies, TV, Music:

Check this one out!

Mandii's Muse Blog Posts:

I have a whole section of my blog posts on here (which I horribly need to update!)

Clean Eating and Fitness:

This one is always being added too! They are here!

Congratulations, you made it through this horribly long post! I can't wait to read your favorite pins!

P.S. Could you tell I was starting to be "over" all the pins around Favorite Movies and such? Lol!

Thanks again, Andrea!

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