Monday, January 27, 2014

Rock Your Hair Big Volume Root Lift Review

Before I begin, did you notice I changed the background color scheme on my blog? I also changed up the font a little. I like it, let me know what you think!

Don't we all want a little lift and volume at our roots? Perhaps something to give your hair a little extra pizzazz? I know I certainly do! I have tried numerous root lifters, and have liked some, and hated many. The one I want to share with you today is found at the drugstore! It is the Michael O' Rourke, Rock Your Hair, Size Matters, Big Volume Root Lift. That was all on the can! First of all, I am absolutely addicted to the packaging! It is bright pink, and has a heart filled with little fake crystals on it. Let's face it, you can't go wrong with a blinged out root lifter. ;)

The scent is fresh and clean. I only really notice it when I first spray it on. I use this on towel dried hair, spraying only at my roots. I massage it in very well, and then blow dry concentrating on the root area. It is not sticky, but gives my hair nice texture. I like this for many reasons. The root lifter does not make my hair greasy at all! It is unbelievable! When I use this in my hair, I have very little oil the next day. It gives me a decent amount of lift, and I notice it especially when I tease my hair. It holds the teasing, and adds just enough texture to my hair. I also like this because when I fluff my hair, it doesn't just fall, it hold its shape. 

I found this at Wal-Mart and I believe it was 15.00. The can is huge, (13 oz) and has lasted me at least 2 months. I would definitely repurchase this when I am out. 

What root lifter do you love? I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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