Thursday, July 31, 2014

Michael's Haul

The Michael's store by my house is huge. I however, never make it past the front door. Why? The $1 section. I almost always pick up a few things from the dollar bins. It sucks me in. I can't help it! This time, I could have spent easily $20. I didn't and had great restraint. Haha! Here are a few of the tings I did buy!

Blank Notecards: I have been all about monograms lately. So when I saw these with the letter "M" and that they were pink, I had to have it! These come in a package of 6. I also think that little handwritten notes are becoming a thing of the past, and it is always nice to receive a little note in the mail!

Red Container: I later found out that this is magnetic! You can hang it on your fridge if you want! I haven't quite decided how I wanted to use this yet, but I will think of something!

Washi Tape: I have heard the buzz surrounding washi tape, and saw some and picked it up. I loved the red with the polka dots, and the chevron pink is too cute! Stick around to see how I used this!

I will definitely be stopping in Michael's more often to check out the dollar section. You get more for your money if everything is a dollar right?!

Do you buy from the dollar bins at Michael's? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you

*I purchased everything with my own money, and Michael's has no clue who I am. 
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