Thursday, January 21, 2016

Caprese Skewers

I love anything to do with caprese. The flavors are so fresh, the colors are beautiful, and the flavor combinations are out of this world! With this recipe, I'm not reinventing the wheel. I'm just making it more portable, and appetizer friendly.


Grape or cherry tomatoes
Tortellini pasta
Mozzarella balls
Pesto (homemade or jarred)
Grated cheese

Mozzarella balls that are marinated are expensive. So I got the brilliant idea to use my leftover Italian butter from Christmas and put the balls in there. I left them in the sauce for 3 days, and made the skewers. Easy as pie, and they turned out great!

I cooked up the tortellini pasta according to package directions. (I wish I would have cooked them a minute less because some of them broke when I put them on the skewer because they were too done.) I alternated ingredients on the skewer, tomato, mozzarella, pasta until there were two of each on the skewer. I also just made skewers until I ran out of ingredients.

When I got ready to serve them, I mixed a tablespoon of pesto with olive oil and brushed it gently on top of the skewers. Then I sprinkled some grated parm on top and some parsley.

Tell me these would not be beautiful on your Superbowl party spread!
These turned out great! They are so simple to make for a party, and you can make them ahead and just do the finishing touches right before you are ready to serve! These skewers would be great for the upcoming Superbowl!!

Have you made Caprese skewers before? Is your recipe similar to mine? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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