Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Recap

How is it 2016 already? Time sure does fly! So, I was really bad about taking pictures for New Year's. It is a relatively low key event for my family. My grandparents and aunt and uncle came out for New Year's Eve. My family decided on a taco bar, and it was a HUGE hit! I got to use some present and former Christmas presents which I love! My fondue pot came in handy for keeping the queso warm, and my new 2 quart crockpot was great for keeping the rice warm. 
My mom, aunt, uncle, and I started off the night playing Uno. Funny story, there was a time a few Christmases ago where they got me an Uno game for 3 years straight.It is now a running joke in our family! Then, we played Dominoes or Mexican trains. I love, love, love this game! I don't play it enough, so I am going to have to have a "game night" and have some of my friends play it with me. Have you ever played this game?
Cashew, Clarice, and I right before the ball dropped. He was in bed, I was heading for bed. Can I confess that I didn't watch the ball drop? I feel better getting that off my chest. After some sonic booms (read:extremely loud fireworks) that my neighbors set off, I headed for bed myself.

My aunt and uncle hosted New Year's Day, so I got up, got ready, and got to enjoy the Rose Parade. Going to that parade is on my bucket list, so I love to watch the floats, the marching bands, and the different groups that march during the parade. My grandparents cook the main dishes for dinner, and they made 18 pounds of sauerkraut. Think that was enough? This picture was even after 8 people ate off of it. I'm not a huge fan of it, so I had a teeny tiny portion. My grandma also made apple pie, so we started off the new year with an American slice of apple pie! My parent's and I went to visit my other grandparents in the nursing home after dinner.  Next stop was home and my bed! 

I can't wait to see what the year 2016 brings!

How was your New Year's? I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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