Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25 Random Questions Tag

Is this tag even still going around?! I enjoyed watching this tag on YouTube, and thought I'd do one for this blog. Enjoy!

Question 1: Do you have any pets ? I have 2 Golden Retievers Cashew and Sunshine.

Question 2: Name three things that are physically close to you: My laptop, a fleece shirt, and Andes candies.

Question 3: What's the weather like right now? It's rainy, cold, damp, and 39 degrees.

Questions 4: Do you drive ? If so, have you crashed? Yes I drive, and no I have never crashed.

Question 5: What time did you wake up this morning? I set my alarm for 8:00 and got out of bed at 9:30. 

Question 6: When was the last time you showered? I showered yesterday, butI didn't wash my hair. (Trying to train my hair to go every other day...) I will shower again today and wash my hair.

Question 7: What was the last movie that you saw? The last movie I was was The Lucky One. It was on On Demand, and well Zac Efron is a cutie pie.

Question 8: What does you last text message say? Oh no!

Question 9: What is your ringtone? My ringtone is the caller name. So when my phone rings, it rings twice and then says "Call from_____."
Question 10: Have you ever been to a different country? Uh does Canada count? I've been to Toronto several times.

Question 11: Do you like sushi? No. I've never tried it, but don't think I would like it.

Question 12: Where do you buy your groceries? Usually Wal-Mart, Aldi, Shop N' Save.

13: Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster? Only when I'm sick will I take something like NyQuil. When your sick you sometimes can't sleep and that will help you.

Question 14: How many siblings do you have? Just me!

Question 15: Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? I have a laptop.

Question 16: How old will you be turning on your next birthday? I will be 26!

Question 17: Do you wear contacts or glasses? I wear both. If I'm staying home all day, I will wear my glasses. If I'm going out I will put my contacts in. I love my contacts!

Question 18: Do you colour your hair? Oh yeah!

Question 19: Tell me something you are planing to do today: I am going to work out, probably write some more blog posts.

Question 20: When was the last time you cried? I don't cry very often, but it was at my Uncle's funeral in September.

Question 21: What is your perfect pizza topping? I have many favorite pizza toppings. I love vegetable pizza, I love sausage and banana peppers, and I love salami on my pizza.

Question 22: Which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger? I don't mind either!

Question 23: Have you ever had an all-nighter? Eh, not really. I've stayed up until 2am once or twice when I was in college but I very much need my sleep.

Question 24: What is your eye colour? I have hazel eyes.

Question 25: Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? I usually drink either an off brand version of Pepsi, or Diet Dr. Pepper.

Now, I tag all of you!
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