Thursday, February 21, 2013

Because We Can

Bon Jovi can still rock out. Plus, for being almost 51, Jon looks better now, then when he did in the Runaway years. (Think permed long hair, tight pants, and unruly chest hair days) I haven't missed a concert since 2006. You know the classics, "Wanted Dead or Alive," "Livin' on a Prayer", and "It's my Life" to name a few. I'm going to their concert today and I thought I would share with you some of my favorite songs that you may not know of.

  • Miss Fourth of July: This is one of those melodic, relaxing songs that if you listen close enough, you know you can relate to. Young summer love that only lasted a few short months.

  • This is our House : Classic Bon Jovi. Heavy drums and a rocking guitar part. Let me tell you, if I owned a sports team, THIS is the song I would play before every game. Defend the home court if you will. I'm listening to it now and I'm getting pumped up!

  • Hallelujah: I first heard this song on Bon Jovi: Stripped, which was an all acoustic show that they did some years ago. This song was originally written by Leonard Cohen, but made famous by Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright. The way Jon sings this is almost hymn like. I'd definitely give this one a listen!
These were only 3 of the many that I love and adore. If you haven't heard of these, head on over to iTunes or YouTube to check them out. Bon Jovi has a new album coming out in March called What About Now. I'd pick up a copy if I were you!

P.S. Stick around tomorrow and I'll do a mini review of the concert and Outfit of the Day (ootd)!
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