Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

My mom is the creative genius in our family. She does all the decorating around the house. She has a great eye for colors, and how things should look. I only hope that when I get a place of my own I can decorate my home as well as she can! I wanted to show you our decorations, in case you haven't started to put yours up yet!

We always have several trees. There is one in our upstairs living room, one downstairs, and one in my room. This year, my mom got a tree and added all of her Wendell August ornaments to it as well. All of them are decorated beautifully, and match to the decor in the particular room.

There is something so pretty about a nicely decorated mantle. We have a few in our house, so I wanted to show you those as well! My mom collects snowmen, and considering we have long winters these guys stay up long after the decorations have been put away!

Let's take a minute to step outside into our entryway. How stinking cute is that snow-woman? I can't stand the cuteness. The little table has a cutout tree, and the mittens on the piece of wood is darling!

Lastly, I wanted to show you some odds and ends around our house!

My Nutcrackers are up again this year! This picture is still missing 3 of them, but they are too big to go on my entertainment center. I think I have a total of 24. I have nutcrackers that range from everything I like, such as Minnie Mouse and a hockey player! (I love watching the Pittsburgh Penguins!) Do you see the Clara doll? She is just as important as the Nutcrackers! 

While this isn't "Christmas" decorations exactly, I think the piano area looks beautiful. See that giant "gazing ball?" It is actually just a very large ornament! 

I'd love to see your Christmas decorations! Leave me a comment and let me see what your house looks like!

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