Tuesday, November 25, 2014

QVC Trip Recap

Two things before we start. First, I'm sorry that I have neglected this blog so much these past 2 months. I came home from vacation and life kicked into full gear! Let's try to get this back on schedule shall we? Second, I took very few pictures during this trip. I was too busy getting my shop on!

Last weekend my aunt, her bestie, and I took a bus trip to West Chester, PA. We had to be at the tour company at 5:45am. Yes, I had a cup of Jingle Bell Java coffee that morning! (From a local store, it is delicious!) We boarded the bus and tried to catch a few minutes of shuteye before the sun came up. We passed the time watching 27 dresses, and pretty soon we were at Rockvale Square! This is a cute outdoor shopping area that has the QVC Outlet store. I went into the weekend wanting something from Isaac Mizrahi, and bought nothing of his.  :( I did find the most ADORABLE pair of blue suede wedge booties of his, but decided against those. (One of the regrets I have of this weekend.)

Love these boots!
My aunt was trying on a pair of Clarks riding boots, and fell in deep love with them. Even after the 70% discount, plus and additional 10% off they still weren't in her price range, so she passed on those until she found Isaac Mizrahi riding boots. She tried them on, loved them, and they were hers! I was browsing the shoe aisle, and found them. Mark Fisher brown leather high boots. It was love at first sight. I tried them on, and shock of all shocks, they FIT! Most of you know how much I detest spending money, but these fit and they were mine. They were originally $145.00 and I got them 70% plus an additional 10% off so I ended up paying $52 dollars or so. You really can't beat that.

Then, the three of us made our way over to the handbags. A little known fact about me: purses are one of my love languages. All three of us picked up a Bruce Makowsky purse, and two of us put it back. (Regret #2) My aunt's best friend bought hers, and it is lovely! Butter soft leather and chain straps, made this bag great quality.
So, so, good!

We crossed several lanes of traffic to get to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (#priorities), then we hopped back on the bus to travel to King of Prussia Mall.

If you have never been to the King of Prussia Mall, let me tell you; mall is HUGE! Like over 400 stores huge. We got dropped off at 1:00, then never left until 9:30. One of the highlights was getting to meet my aunt and cousin at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner!! While we were waiting the 2 hours to get in for dinner, we shopped around together and caught up with everyone! We ate, then we had to make the half hour walk to the other side of the mall to get back on the bus. That night, we checked into our hotel, showered, and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, we woke up, got pretty, and ate our continental breakfast at the hotel. We got back on the bus at 10:45 to do some additional shopping at the mall. It was there I discovered the Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. There will be several more purchases of that this winter season!!

First logo!
Mandii Fact: I collect pens!
After we left the mall for a second time, we traveled to QVC Studio Park! I watch QVC almost daily and even though I have done the tour once already, it was fun to do it again! Our tour guide was less than stellar unfortunately, but I was glad to see David Veneable while he was on air, and see the production process!

After our tour, we shopped some more at the studio store. I bought a beautiful Bronzo Italia ring, and some PooPourri. After that, it was time to head home!

It is even more beautiful in person!

We definitely had a fun weekend filled with family, friends, and plenty of shopping!

Have you ever been to the QVC outlet or QVC Studio?  What about the King of Prussia Mall? I'd love to hear what you bought! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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