Thursday, January 15, 2015

Memories Behind My Clothes

I'm in Cameron!

Everything has a story, right? I think so, and I think clothes tell stories too. I think most people have an item of clothing that they just can't get rid of because it holds a special memory. I have several, and I want to share them with you! I am going to start a new Thursday series on my blog that deals with just that! So if you have one too, link up with me! Let's share stories!

The first item of clothing that I have a significant memory of is this royal blue ruffled t-shirt. This shirt has such great memories. I bought this shirt at Wal-Mart, once I found out I was going to my first Duke game in 2010! After four long years of waiting to go to a game, I wanted something that had Duke colors, but still looked nice. (Just in case I met any players walking around campus!) Plus, it was comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for a Durham, NC February day!

One of the reasons I am a Duke fan today
Well, this shirt didn't disappoint. I will always remember standing at center court of Cameron Indoor Stadium wearing this shirt. I will remember eating lunch at the Loop in this shirt, touring the Hall of Honor and seeing the strength and conditioning coach in this shirt. I will remember shopping in the bookstore, and getting my picture taken in Krzyzewskiville in this shirt. How can one shirt have so many memories?

This is probably one item of clothing I will not be able to part with. This top holds too many memories, and definitely the best $13 I have spent on an item of clothing!

I cannot wait to read you about your Clothing Memories! Link up and tell me about them!

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