Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell: New Year's Resolutions

Today I am going to share my New Year's Resolutions with you! I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals! On Tuesday's she is hosting a Show and Tell," we can blog about the topic that she gives us, and others can gain ideas and also get to know one another more! Such a great idea, right?!

Last year, I broke my resolutions into four categories: Environment, Health, Beauty, and Blogging. This year, I will do the same, but first, let's take a look back at last year and see how I did!


Last Year: Take shorter showers
How I did: Eh, this one I did ok at. On the days I showered and didn't wash my hair, I definitely took shorter showers. Sometimes though, a long hot shower is just what you need at the end of a long day.

This year's environment resolution is for me to try and buy items locally. Not only will it help small businesses, I will also know where the item came from. Especially food items!


Last Year: Drop some pounds
How I did: I did excellent! I was able to drop about 23 pounds!

This year's health resolution is to continue to lose weight. I am by no means at my goal weight, but I definitely feel better about my body than I did January 1, 2013. I also want to tone up, and complete more 5ks!


Last Year: Go out of the house with less makeup 1 day a week
How I did: This goal was pretty easy to complete. There were some days where I had some small errands to run and left the house with eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick on. I still felt put together, but it wasn't a full face of makeup.

This years beauty goal is to shorten my beauty routine. It takes me an hour, sometimes an hour and a half to get ready. I'd love to shorten this! It will save me time, and I can get out of the house faster!


Last Year: Grow blog and gain readership
How I did: I was able to interact with more of my readers! They were leaving some great comments, and I was able to say "thanks for reading" and answer any questions they had!

This years blogging goal is to continue to grow my blog, and remain consistent with blogging. I had quite a few times where I definitely slacked on this blog. I got a brand new planner this year and I have already started to pre-plan my posts!

So there you have it! My 2015 resolutions! I'm excited to see how I do this year, and we will reevaluate these goals next year!

I'd love to hear about your resolutions! Do you have any tips to help me with mine? I'd love to hear them! Please leave me a comment and let me know!
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