Monday, January 12, 2015

Motivation Monday: Beauty

Love this!

I struggle with my self confidence a lot. It is something that I am trying to work on every single day. There are many times when I just don't feel "enough." Not pretty enough, or not skinny enough, In God's eyes, I have no flaws. My scars, under eye circles, or any other flaw I see, is beautiful in God's eyes. 

How wonderful would it be to wake up and look at yourself through God's eyes? That weight you have been trying to lose, those flabby arms you have, God doesn't even see it. He wants to know what is in your heart.

I'm going to begin to see myself as God sees me. Any time I have a negative thought about myself, I am going to erase that negative thought. The scripture says that there is "no flaw in  you." No flaw. 

I'm incorporating this into my life, are you?

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