Monday, March 2, 2015

Motivation Monday: Finding Gold


Most of the time today, you hear or think about the negative in people. Negativity is plastered all over the news. People complain about servers, customer service representatives, or cashiers all the time. Positivity is a rare thing in today's world. 

Looking for gold can be be hard. Maybe the woman in front of you in line was rude to the cashier. What we might not know is that she may have an ailing husband at home. Perhaps the man that was talking to you on the phone was short with you. What if his house burnt down and his family lost everything? Look for the positive in people. Maybe you gave your waitress a little extra tip because she looked like she was having a bad day. That's positive. Maybe you complimented a new mom who was looking frazzled with her kids. You might have just made her day. A positive thing that my family and I like to do is to bring meals to those in need. Maybe they just came out of the hospital, or have been going through a rough patch. We cook dinner for ourselves, so why not throw in a few extra ingredients and take a meal to someone? It always brightens their day, and we always feel better about helping them out too! 

This week, I want you to pick out the positive! Do something positive. Brighten someone's day. Find gold in an otherwise dirty world. 
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