Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Show and Tell: Most Embarrassing Moment

Before I start today's post, I want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! You better believe that I will be listening to Celtic Thunder, wearing my green, and playing the tin whistle today!! An even bigger event today, is my Grandpa's 92 birthday!! He is a lucky leprechaun!!

Today's post is another installment of Momfessional's Show and Tell! Up today is our most embarrassing moment. Oh dear. I'm afraid I have many of these, and not many pictures to prove it. Just trust me that these happened, and laugh with me, okay?

The first embarrassing moment happened in gym class during high school. We were playing volleyball (ugh!) and it was definitely not my sport. So the ball was hit, and I went to go after it. I got my arms in position and was getting ready to send the ball back over the net, and it hit me smack dab in the face!!! I wasn't even close to hitting it over. I could not have been hit more squarely with the ball. Luckily, I had no injuries, just a slightly bruised ego. I much preferred the days we played badminton or bocce. ;)

Another moment I had was when I met one of my favorite baseball players. My family and I went to Toronto and were staying at the team hotel. (The good days of Cleveland Indians baseball!) We were getting ready to leave the hotel to go on a tour of the city, and saw a charter bus out front. Lo and behold, out come Indians players. They were all getting ready to head to the ballpark to prepare for the game. I was off in a corner because I mean, famous people! (I was so shy, so starstruck. These people belonged on my TV screen, not feet away from me!) I walk around the corner and almost ran into my favorite player. He was still new at the time, so he didn't have a shirt with his name on the back. So I had one made. My mom and dad did all of the talking, I showed him my shirt, got a couple photos taken, and he was on the bus. The best part of the story is that the only coherent thing I could say was, "he smelled so good." If I said it once, I said it fifty times. Not one of my best moments.

My last story is at another Indians game. We went to a game on a sweltering July day. Of course, you want to cool off with some ice cream. They had the best! My order was always twist ice cream in a waffle cone. However, in the heat of that day, it began to melt quicker that I could eat it! To say that I had ice cream everywhere was an understatement. It was running down my shirt, in my socks, on my shoes. I was a chocolaty, sticky mess! I can only imagine the sight I was leaving the ballpark that day! When I went back to the hotel, I was instructed to immediately get a shower. Haha! That moment still gets brought up from time to time when I eat ice cream.

I can't wait to read your embarrassing moments! We might as well just laugh right? It happens to the best of us! Leave me a comment and let me read about your not so stellar moments!
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