Monday, June 8, 2015

Amish Saturday's

I've said it many times on this blog, but I love living so close to the Amish. The quality on their goods cannot be beat, they are pretty friendly, and oftentimes their prices are much cheaper than brick and mortar stores. This past Saturday was the Amish Benefit auction. Since the Amish do not have health insurance, they hold these auctions to gather money for a member's hospital bill. Anything and everything gets sold, from buggy paint, livestock, flowers, and homemade furniture. Of course, there is the food. Oh, the food!

Since my family has been going to the produce and flower auction for so long, we have come to know many of the Amish who work up there. These same men take turns taking bidder numbers, auctioning, or being the spotters. Plus, since it is a local event, we see many of the same people at this event.

I love when you first pull up and see the rows upon rows of buggies and horses. When you walk in, you hear the auctioneers auctioning off items (with many going at the same time!), you hear the noise of the ice cream maker. Your nose is hit with the smell of grilled food, sweet donuts, and of course, horse manure. (What did you expect?!)

My parents and I got to the auction around 9:30, and there was already a huge crowd. We all said that this may have been the biggest crowd yet. Before we even looked at anything, it was time for the donuts. Man, that line was long! My dad went and got a half dozen to begin with. Within 20 minutes, those were gone. #cheatday They are flaky, melt in your mouth goodness. I may or may not have had two. After the donuts, we walked around and looked at the beautiful flowers. They had a wonderful variety of flowers, some in wheelbarrows, some in wood slabs, and regular hanging baskets.

One of my favorite areas to visit is the quilting tent. For the Amish being "plain" people, they have an eye for color and patterns when making their quilts. One of my favorites was a purple star quilt. It was truly breathtaking.

Pocket watches were going for $74-$150. It is always interesting to see what the big ticket item will be. After walking around, it was time for lunch. On the menu was fish sandwiches, and lemonade. This has been the traditional lunch that I've gotten ever since my family has been going to this auction. After lunch, my dad got in line to get more donuts. #priorities Don't worry, we end up with about 18 donuts, and we make stops along the way to give them away. The rest, we freeze. Then some morning, you slice them in half, place them in a grill pan and enjoy a delicious grilled Amish donut!

Only in Amish country will  you see a pay phone!
This event is always a highlight of my summer. I only hope that you can experience this event live one day, but I hope that I have captured it for you the best I could through these words and pictures.

Have you ever been to an Amish benefit auction? Do you have any questions for me about the Amish, or the particular sect that is near my house? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment and let me know! 
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