Monday, March 10, 2014

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables Review

I am sick of the snow and ready for Spring and Summer. A quick way to do that is through scenting my home. *I'm a BzzAgent and was sent coupons to use for this review.* These Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables are a no brainer! 

These plug into your wall with a beautiful face plate to hide the oil. Another aspect that I liked about this is that I can rotate the plug if it didn't fit the way my outlet was set up. In the package is 2 scents. I chose the Vanilla Passion Fruit and Hawaiian Breeze. I just removed the caps from the oils, and placed them in the plugin, and I was good to go.

The Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables are great because you can vary the strength of the scents. On the low setting, these can last up to 60 days! These plugins also alternate scents daily! One day it might be the vanilla passion fruit, the next day it could be the Hawaiian breeze! I like that it varies because scents can get boring after a while. The great thing about these plugins, is that there are 10 scents to choose from!

How pretty is the face plate?
I like these! On the low setting, these scent my home beautifully. It isn't strong, (although I'm not sure what it would be like on a stronger setting.) and are easily found at Wal-Mart for about $7.99.

If you would like to try these for yourself, I have included a coupon code! (You have to install their coupon printer for it to work correctly!) Let me know what your favorite scents are!!

Have you tried these Glade Scented Oil Customizables? If so, what did you think of them? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment!
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