Friday, March 7, 2014

High Five for Friday

It is Friday, it is payday, and I got to wear jeans to school. Win! I'm linking up with Lauren as I usually do! Here is what I loved this week!

1. I got my hair cut on Monday, and I didn't wash it until Thursday morning! I had 3 day hair everyone! It looked great, and I still can't believe I had 3 day hair! I am left thinking, "what did my stylist do?"

2. I have been getting good use out of my Farm Kings sweatshirt!

3. I am wearing Duke blue today in honor of the big game tomorrow!

4. I have learned that shooting outfit shots are hard to do by yourself. It is probably why I don't post them often.

5. Is Spring here yet?

What did you love this week? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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