Thursday, April 18, 2013

Essential Hair Accessories

 When I'm having a good hair day, I feel like a million bucks. I think there are some tools every woman should have in their hair arsenal.

1. Headband: Whether you are in the growing out bangs stage of your hair, or just want a cute accessory, a headband is the way to go. You can wear your hair down with it in, OR you can pull your hair in a ponytail and spice it up with a little volume at the crown and a stylish headband. (Mine is from Strawberry's)

2. Spin Pins: I first heard about these on YouTube. I went out and bought a set, tried them and fell in love. These hold my layered, fine hair into a cute bun that feels secure and I don't need any bobby pins. I actually bought a second set and will put some gel in my hair, divide it in 4 sections and twist my hair using one spin pin and leave it in for 4-6 hours and when I leave it down, I have beautiful wavy hair! (You can get these at Wal-Mart. They are by Goody.)

3. Hair Ties: This is self explanatory, but a hair tie can work wonders. Use it for a ponytail, a sock bun, and to secure a braid. (I like these bands from Goody, but I have and use all different kinds)

4. Barrette: These are great for pinning back that section of hair that keeps falling in your eyes. Barrettes are the cute alternative to bobby pins. How about creating a little "pouf" and adding a barrette and then braid your hair to the side? A perfect look for Spring/Summer!

5. Bobby Pins: A absolute essential! They make pins for all hair colors now so they are less noticeable. If you want to create an updo, these are your best friend! A little tip, did you know the zig zag side goes towards your scalp? I know, I've been putting mine in wrong for years. I love these small pins for wrapping my hair around my ponytail.  (You can get these at drugstores or Sally's)

6. Comb: I like the comb that is pictured with the teeth closer together and spaced further apart. I use this everyday! I run this through the section of hair I am about to curl, and when I am done I use the smaller side to tease my hair.

7. Sock: For me, a sock is the key tool to make the perfect ballerina bun. They have donuts that you can buy, but me being the frugal gal I am I chose the sock! I love the sock bun for my no wash days, I can still get a cute style with minimal effort.

So, do you agree with these essentials? What are your essential hair items? Leave me a comment and let me know!

If you want to see what products I like for my hair, you can check this post!
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