Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Southern Secrets

I absolutely love the South. I feel like I am a Southern girl at heart living in the North. People are friendlier, they dress up, and it is not go, go, go all the time. Recently I was reading Southern Living magazine, and came across an article called 35 Secrets to Southern Charm. They made sense to me, so I am sharing them with you! Southerners that are reading this, can I be adopted into your Southern states?

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Charm them with your Party Etiquette: Return an empty dish with something delicious inside. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It can be cookies, or a casserole. It makes their life much easier after throwing a fantastic party the night before that they don't have to worry about dinner!

Charm them with your Gracious Home: Share the Bounty. Have an overabundance of tomatoes from your garden, share them! Some people may not have gardens, and let's face it, nothing beats a garden fresh tomato.

Charm them with your Personal Style: Every Southerner Should Have Pearls. Pearls can take an otherwise drab outfit to fabulous! They are instantly classy, and very Jackie Kennedy.

Charm them with your Social Graces: With introductions keep the focus on the person. Instead of saying "This is my friend from work, Claire", say "this is Claire, my friend from work."

Just by doing a few of these things you can feel like a Southerner. (Okay, maybe not, but these Southern customs work just as well in the North.)

If you are looking for a Southern girls to watch on YouTube check out Dani Austin!  She is a true Southerner!

P.S. Don't you just love the word y'all? I do!
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