Monday, September 9, 2013

YouTube Made Me Buy It

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Have you checked out the beauty community on YouTube? It is chock full of knowledge. Anytime I want to buy something, I almost always see if there are reviews on whatever I want to buy. Thanks to the YouTube beauty community, I have purchased several things that I wouldn't have even thought about buying had I not saw it on the internet. Here are a few of the YouTubers I watch, and what they have made me buy!

Emilynoel83: Emily makes me want to buy EVERYTHING! I have bought so much based on her recommendations! More often than not, I love them. She got me into the Revlon Lip Butters, new mascaras, honestly everything!!

LaFemme5278: Lindsay posted a great review of the Naked 2 palette that I was looking into buying. She compared it to the original Naked palette, and gave a great review. When all was said and done, I bought it and love it!

FancyThatWithCandice: She has got me started on the Maybelline Color Tattoos. She said it was a close dupe for the MAC paint pots, and I like spending $7 as compared to $18.

Leighannsays: Leighann was instrumental in me purchasing the Meet Matte Nude palette. She also has me wanting to purchase the whole Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stain collection. (I won't buy it all!)

MissGlamorazzi: When my friend Sarah had told me about Birchbox, I went and looked up reviews online. I stumbled upon Ingrid's channel, and she did a Birchbox review every month. So I watched some of her videos, and I decided to go ahead and sign up!

Have you bought anything based on what you have watched beauty gurus on YouTube recommend? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment!

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