Monday, October 28, 2013

Mandii Meets the Farm Kings

If you follow my twitter account at all on Thursday nights, you know how much I love the reality show on GAC called Farm Kings. They are a group of 9 brothers, 1 sister, and a Mama Bear, who own a market, bakery, and restaurant, not to mention a farm! Plus, as an added bonus, they are about 20-30 minutes from my house! The show chronicles living as a farming family in today's world, the family dynamics of a large farming family, and running successful businesses and farm. (How many times did I just use the word farm?) If you also watch the show, you know that they are also one good looking side of beef. (I'm not talking about the cows, people!!) I digress.

The King Kids (in order of birth): Joe, Elizabeth, Tim, Pete, Dan, Luke, Sam, John, Paul, Ben.

Well, I explored all that is Freedom Farms during their Fall Festival. First, we went to the home market, where we saw all of the fresh produce. Not only did they have the produce, but they had meats, eggs, and soups for sale. It was there we had our first encounter with a King man. We saw Pete! We had seen him earlier in the year at the Tri-County Produce Auction we go to in New Wilmington, PA. (See below.) We talked to him for a good 5-7 minutes, got a picture, and then a hug!!! (If this doesn't tell you how amazing this family is, I don't know what will!) He was just the nicest!!

Next up was the actual festival ON THE FARM!! We drove down the pathway and was stopped by Elizabeth (Bitty)  where we had to pay our $5 per person entrance fee. Again, she was so nice. Up next was my Mom's favorite, Tim! He told us where to park, and John directed us to our spot. Mom told Tim to "get his smile ready." I was cracking up in the backseat, and so was Tim (not in the backseat!) We got our picture with Tim, and then I saw Molly King. Who is Molly King you ask? She is Lisa's golden retriever. She is an adorable pint size bundle of love, who greeted everyone with a wag of her tail. Today is her birthday! I got my picture taken with her too. We sampled some fresh apple cider, and looked at some of the merchandise. We talked with Lisa King, the woman behind all of the King kids. She talked to us for 15 minutes, just like she had known us for a long time. I will say it again, they are so unbelievably nice!

We took a hay ride around the farm to see where the magic happens. There was a brief stop to pick pumpkins. Also at the farm location, there was face painting, a maze, punkin' chunkin' and a bouncy area. We each got the pulled pork sandwich for lunch, and it was delicious! I am not a huge pork fan, put this was so good. Chef Dale did a great job with the pork!! After milling around some more, we decided to go back to the home Market to see if we could catch Dan. We pull in, and who is carrying pumpkins inside the store? Daniel! He had just returned from a farmer's market with Sam. The film crew was there so we shopped around and waited for them to finish their filming. Dan was so nice and accommodating when asked to take a picture, and we weren't the only ones!

All in all, my Sunday with the King's were 22 thumbs and 4 paws up. If you want to catch up with this family, tune into GAC on Thursday nights at 9:00. Season 3 premiers December 19th!

*Fun Fact: I was there when they were filming one episode! When Pete and Luke were at an auction selling their produce, I was there! My mom got to talk to Pete, I however was trying to bid on pickling cucumbers so we could make more sweet pickles. I did say "Hi" to him though!  Plus, we were on TV! How cool is that?! *
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