Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dancing Through Life

Nine years ago, I was a shy 18 year old heading off to college. I had never lived with another person I didn't know before. I had never shared a communal bathroom before. I was not the type of child who went to sleepovers when I was little. I was, (and still am) a homebody. My parent's had tried to get me to stay home to save money, but I was adamant that I wanted to experience this "college life" and that meant staying on campus. (Luckily, home was about 15 minutes away!)

The first few weeks were really tough. My roommate and I got along great, in fact, I wouldn't let her leave my side. I'm being 100% serious! We went pretty much everywhere together when we didn't have class. We went to the dining hall, bookstore, movie nights in the auditorium. When she went, I went. We were cramped in our tiny dorm room so learning to live with another person was a big adjustment. There were several times where I said "Mandii, what exactly did you get yourself into?"

I prayed daily. Some things were funny, "Lord, please don't let anyone steal my stuff (while showering in the communal bathroom)." Other times, it would be asking for guidance over a particular issue. I stood true to my convictions and never went to a party or had a drop of alcohol. Luckily, I found friends who shared my beliefs.

I'm so thankful that I stuck living on campus out. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I grew as an individual. I made my own friends, got around campus by myself, worked my own problems out. Through it all, God was on my side. He gave me peace, offered me protection, and gave me signs that everything was going to be okay.

I will forever be grateful for my college years. I have made lifelong friendships. I was able to experience things and places that were new to me. If you are questioning if something is right for you, stick it out for a little. Give yourself time to adjust to this new lifestyle or habit. Pray about it. Step out of your comfort zone and just try it.

This post was inspired by Candace Cameron Bure’s new book, Dancing Through Life: Steps of
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