Thursday, August 27, 2015

Owning It

Well, hey. It is time for another edition of "Owning It." You know, this is the post where I admit my level of crazy is way above average. Yours too? Okay, good. At least I'm not the only one. ;) We might as well get on with it. Here's my crazy.

When I eat ravoli, I cut each one into four pieces. This is something I've always done. Maybe I'm afraid of choking?! I have no idea, but I don't see myself changing anytime soon.

Every night after dinner I always eat the ice out of my glass. I have done this since I was was a little girl. There is usually no ice left in my glass to feed to the dog. (Sorry, buddy.) It doesn't even matter what the season is. I feel weird if I don't eat the ice.

I once had a COMPLETE meltdown over Bon Jovi. I wish I could say I was joking. I went specifically to Giant Eagle to get tickets from Ticketmaster. (Why I just didn't use the computer I don't remember.) I wait in line, and they were pulling section D. I was NOT going to sit in section D when I made a special trip to get these tickets. I was in hysteria! I cried, (sobbed was more like it) and my dad had to come in and actually kind of yell at me to straighten up. I was able to get better seats on my own. Luckily, we can all laugh about the incident today.

I have a odd way of eating my sunny side up eggs. First of all, I don't like them piping hot. Next, I eat all of the yellow first by dipping my toast in the yolk. Then, I eat all the white part of the egg. Finally, I eat what is left of the yellow on my toast. I'm a nut I tell you.

Well, that is enough weirdness for one post. Don't worry, I asked my parents for more suggestions and they had a WHOLE list of things. I'm not sure if I should be worried to hear what they had to say or not?!

I want to see you own your weirdness! Leave me a comment and let me know of some weird things you do!

Thanks, Christina for hosting this fun link up!

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