Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Who I was in High School

Thanks Andrea for the link up! 

Oh high school. Those awkward years from 7-12 grade. I mean my high school years were okay. I had some fun moments, some sad moments, and some interesting moments. To put things into perspective, I went to high school from 2000-2006. It absolutely stuns me that next year will be 10 years since I've graduated. TEN YEARS! How is that even possible?!

I went to a rural high school, there were probably 700 students from grades 7-12 total. We were the "country" school in our district. Does your high school let you drive your tractors to school the day before Prom? Mine does! (I wish I had pictures!)

6th grade graduation picture...getting ready for high school!
Homecoming dance...can we talk about my makeup?!
To describe me in high school would be this. I was a shy, rule follower. I was not an avid participator. I was in Marching, Jazz, Concert, and Pep band from 7-10 grade. Yeah, I don't miss those hot, sticky band camp days. I was actually sick on "Senior Skip Day" and I honestly thought people were going to think that I was participating in that day! I was actually feeling guilty, and I was home sick! I was the type of student who almost always did the homework, and got along with my teachers. I never received a detention. Ever. I was voted "Most Honest" by my class. (Thanks class of 06!)  I had an average high school experience, and didn't think I would cry at graduation...but I broke down after we threw our caps.

So in full disclosure, I want to give you some awkward high school photos. Yay...not!

High School graduation photo!
The day I got accepted into college!

Homecoming dance

A random 8th grade dance

Senior Halloween dance...oh brother!
I discovered Bon Jovi, and went to my first concert of theirs in high school!

I LOVED my senor prom dress! I got it down in Myrtle Beach!!
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