Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Recap: The Indians Game that Never Was Edition

Perhaps you weekend was crazy like mine, or maybe it was more relaxed and low key. Either way, I'm thankful for weekends. Let's start at Friday shall we?

Friday my dog Cashew was supposed to get a bath. Right as my mom and I were getting ready to leave, my dad walks in with paper towels wrapped around his finger. He was trimming bushes and sliced his finger with the trimmer. Thankfully, it is just a really bad gash that probably should have had a stitch, but is healing slowly. So I bandage him up, and we are running late to the groomers. I called and told them that we were on the way, and find out that they couldn't take us. So we rescheduled. That should have been an indication of the weekend ahead.

This was prior to the madness!
Saturday I had bought tickets to go to the Cleveland Indians game. My parents always do nice things for me, so I wanted to repay them a little bit. The day was gorgeous! It was sunny, a nice breeze, and we hit absolutely no traffic until we got off of 77. We got off the exit at 6:09. Then the traffic hit. Oh, what's that heavy smoke from? At 6:30 we turned to go to our normal parking area, except we couldn't. That smoke? From a building fire across the street from the ballpark, and next to our parking spot! We drove around the city to look a parking spot. Except it took us 2 and a half hours to get back around to the front of the stadium. Guys and gals, it was pure madness, and awful. There was absolutely no place to park. AT ALL. So unfortunately, we decided to go home. I didn't see the game, no fireworks, and I didn't get my bobblehead. I was upset, but I guess the Lord didn't want us at the game for some reason. So it was 9:30 at night, and we picked up a pizza from one of our favorites, Wedgewood Pizza. We wanted to eat it there, but the dining room closed at 9:00. We got behind a slowpoke driver for a good 30 minutes. Then, we almost hit a deer on a road where we never thought a deer would be. By the time we got home, it was 10:30. I'm so glad that pizza was good. If I wasn't trying to get my girlish figure in check, I would have ate 4 pieces of that pizza. Ya'll, we had been in the car for 6 hours! SIX HOURS! That's halfway to Myrtle Beach, and I was going to CLEVELAND for crying out loud! I was thankful for my bed that night.

Addition: The Indians are allowing us to exchange our tickets for a new game! Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, I went to church. I felt refreshed and revived after coming out of the sermon. I wanted to update my workout playlist, so I search for some songs on iTunes. And more than half of my music was missing!! What?! Thankfully, I had all of the music on my computer. A quick Google search was all I needed to learn how to import it to my library. Then I had to get all the album artwork. So that was an hour of my time that was wasted dealing with that nonsense.

I am hoping for a much better week!

So, how was your weekend? Hopefully better than mine was! Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about it!

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