Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Winery Visit

While I was attending the wedding in Dawson, PA I wanted to find something to do the morning after. It isn't any fun to just go home after a mini vacation. Haha! So I found a winery that was 10 minutes away from Linden Hall in the town of Mount Pleasant.

From this moment on, Greendance Winery will be what I compare all other wineries too. It is just the cutest place! Its formal name, Greendance Winery|The Winery at Sandhill is such a hidden treasure! Literally! After making a "sharp left turn" (according to my GPS!) We found this gem. Tucked back in a grove of trees stands the winery and all of the cabins.

Inside one cabin is a Farm Store. Here, they sell their homemade pies and cookies. Plus jellies, spreads, local honey, and of course, the many berries. The owners provided berries to the White House for not one, but two State dinners! How cool!

There is a whole cabin dedicated to desserts. My parents and I shared the cheesecake with raspberries, and can I tell you it was fantastic! The portions were huge, and the price was reasonable. They had pie and ice cream available for sale as well.

Down a little stone path was the food cabin. They had salads, sandwiches, and homemade chips available for purchase. The food looked delicious!

In a bigger building, was the winery. In one room is a bar that you can sample six wines for free. I'm recommending the Isabella. Trust me. They also have a little cooler section where you can create your own picnic. They have over 40 wines that you can purchase, some are chilled in case you want to pour yourself a glass while on the property, and enjoy that delicious food from the cabins!

Speaking of the property. there are little tables scattered all around the winery. There are numerous trees to keep you shaded, and a nice breeze flows to cool  you down. They have a cutting and nectar garden, and you can pick a table and sit near there as well.

The day that I was there, they had a band performing. There are numerous events going on at the winery, so check out their events page!

I've already picked out another date to go to this winery with my parents and aunt and uncle. If you are in area, be sure to take that "sharp left turn" and stop at Greendance!
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