Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Ah, Friday. A welcome sight. I mean, I guess I'm glad it is Friday, but that just means August is just that much closer. Womp, womp. Anyway, here is what I'm loving this week!

First, I have been loving the show Greatest Hits on ABC. I'm a music lover from all genres, so hearing songs that I love being sung by the original artists, and modern artists is just so cool. Plus, I *might* have fangirled a little bit when Hanson, and Backstreet Boys were on. ;)

Something that wasn't a favorite was waking up with a strained muscle in my neck. I woke up with it last Saturday, and it still isn't 100% better yet. I took lots of Advil, had my Tens unit on, and ice.

My parent's and I had cocktail hour outside last week. It was so nice, and you can't beat a fuzzy navel.

Thanks Andrea for the link up!
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