Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

I really don't feel right posting about my Friday Favorites, in spite of what happened in Dallas. I heard that one of the officers that got killed had only been married two weeks. Two weeks. These officers left behind family and friends who are in shock, and grieving. Our country needs Jesus, now more than ever before. 

Whew, one successful week of blog posts down! I think I can, I think I can! I'm linking up with Andrea today for some Friday Favorites!

My family and I dog sat this weekend. Lacy is my Cashew's sister. They had a great time together, and they were so good. They are seriously so cute, and I can't stand it!

I was listening to my Music Choice channel, and these two songs popped up. Feels So Good was a song that we played in jazz band, so I was remembering playing that in high school. Always by Atlantic Starr, was played at my aunt's wedding. I was 9 months old when she got married, but I was OBSESSED with her wedding video growing up. So this brought back many memories.

I have been really enjoying Netflix lately. I've been watching it while I've been on the treadmill. I've watched everything from sports documentaries, to Fuller House, to movies. It makes the time pass faster, that's for sure!

I have another busy weekend planned, which I'm sure you will read about at some point in the near future! Have a great weekend everybody!
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