Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Who's in my Tribe

Andrea did this link up a week or so ago, and I thought it was a great idea. I figured I would tell you about who is in my tribe.

Now, I happen to root for another Tribe (Whoo! Go Indians!) so they had to make the list!


When I was in high school, I'd like to think that I got along with everyone. However, I can't really say that I met my best friends while in high school. Some of you can, and that's great! College was where I've met my friends for life! I don't know what I would do without these ladies! We still text, email, and chat to this day!

My first college roommate E'Shell whom I call E, was a saint to put up with me. I'm being one hundred percent serious. College was the first time I left home to stay anywhere. I had NO CLUE what I was doing. We met in an unusual way (which we can get into in a later post!), but I didn't realize how much I was going to depend on here that first year! The first two weeks of school, you might have called me E's shadow. I went NO WHERE without her. I'm pretty sure she even came with me to the bathroom a few times, because Mandii had never experienced a community bathroom before. She didn't (and still doesn't) take any crap, and was so confident unlike me. She was a city gal, and I country, but we clicked. The memories I have with her are hilariously funny. Now, I get to spoil her son, my nephew! (I'm still sorry my dad killed your fish, E!!)       ;)

My friend Courtney is just me, in another body. It never fails that we tend to have bad days the same day, or the same things happen to us at different times. We just get each other. I've shown her the Amish, and she tries to get me to give Harry Potter another chance. (Maybe one day, girl!) We've discovered the cutest tea store, and always get the same booth at our favorite Mexican restaurant. She and I still use AOL Instant Messaging, and set time in our schedules to spend a few hours getting caught up with each other. We'll send cards to each other for no reason at all because we both love getting mail, and hate talking on the phone. She loves to dance and one day I'm going to have her teach me her skills. #Mandiihasnorhythm.

My friend Chelsi, is the old married gal in my group. Just kidding, she's been married a whopping 24 days. We met freshman year in college. (So, so long ago!) We had several classes together, and I loved that she was from the country like I was! She didn't have her drivers license like me. It was so nice to have a few classes with her, because I was always in her group, and we always complained about our college writing 1 class to each other. (Chelsi, if you're reading this, can I get an amen?!) She was there on Thursday nights when a big group of us got together and watched Grey's Anatomy, and ate pizza. Again, we just clicked. I ended up living with her for two years, and I've probably never laughed harder than when I lived with her. I loved being able to tease her when she met her favorite Steeler, Brett Kiesel. Her now husband and I joked that we were going to write him a letter and tell her how obsessed with the Steelers/him she was. I was honored when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

I honestly love these ladies like they were my sister. I'm thankful that they are in my tribe, and that I do still have them in my life. While I have many other friends, these are my girls. I would do anything for them, and I know they would do the same for me.

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