Monday, July 18, 2016

Stranded Series: 3 Famous People

Shay and Erika created this series, and while I missed the link up, I'd still love to share with you who I'd love to be stuck on a stranded island with! Two people came to mind very quickly, but I struggled with the third one.

First of all, I would choose the Duchess of Cambridge. She will always be Kate Middleton to me, so forgive me. I think she is the epitome of grace and elegance. She can wear a tiara, and then hike up a mountain looking as fresh as a daisy. How does she do it? I would be a sweaty, disgusting mess if I did that. I'd love to talk about the Royal family, and those beautiful clothes she wears. I'd also like to see if she can get Jenny Packham to make me the green Aspen gown she made the Duchess.

Next, I'd love to be stranded with Reese Witherspoon. I just love her southern charm. She has great style. If I was independently wealthy, I'd buy one of everything from Draper James. I'm sure she'd probably get annoyed from me quoting movie scenes from Sweet Home Alabama. Plus, just for good measure I'd have her teach me the "Bend and Snap." (How has it been FIFTEEN YEARS since Legally Blonde came out?) I definitely feel like we'd laugh alot.

I mean, can you stand it?!
The last person I'd love to get stranded with is JJ Watt. Listen, if I'm stuck on an island I'm going to need someone strong to crack coconuts, okay?! A girl's got to stay hydrated! You readers know how much I adore JJ. He is just amazingly humble and family oriented. I'm sure we'd talk about our families, and he could tell me all about Wisconsin, and Texas. He's a superstar without being a "superstar." I feel like JJ and I could create a leadership course to make more famous people to be more like him. I just hope our island has a lot of food sources because the dude eats like a house! Hey JJ, at least the food would be organic!!

How do you feel about my picks? Who would your top three be? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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